Best Decks For Flourishing?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheMagicianInvisible, Sep 30, 2012.

  1. Hi, I have began flourishing and I would really like some decks that handle better than normal bikes. So please help, thanks :)
  2. Ohio Tally-ho's, Artifice (emerald looks the best, then red, then purple, then blue), Infinity, Basically anything by E, T11, DnD, or Encarded are pretty great. BBM decks look cool to some, but they never handle very well.
  3. Red and Blue Wynn's.
  4. Hey man, welcome to the world of flourishing lol
    Ok so you have a lot and I mean a lot of choices when it comes for cards for cardistry.

    Now bikes are good, they are perfectly fine for cardistry. But you will want to step up.

    Many companies offer different decks but I find that theory11 and Dan and Dave deliver the best cards.

    theory11 really have a great variety of decks; Sentinels, Guardians, DeckONE, Stingers and Monarchs, just to name a few. These cards are excellent for flourishing. Now, USPCC decks such as aristocrat are good as well and I can HIGHLY recommend Tally-Ho because they are in my favourites list. AMAZING cards. Dan and Dave offer quite good quality cards as well.

    To be honest, stray away from Ellusionist. Magic is where their decks excel. The only recommendation I would give is the White Ghost deck. They are very good, durable, study cards.

    In terms of cards, you will begin to use specialty cards and rarer cards over time. But for now, I'd say build a solid basis man! Don't go too overboard with decks and just practice, practice, practice and enjoy the ride!

    I hope that helped and I hope you do well :)
  5. Depends whether you want a clumpy or buttery deck. Both are used but different kinds of cardistry.
  6. my favourite is the Guardians, the look and the feel is amazing :) else the regular bees are also good

  7. I mean reasonably cheap decks, like not rare ones because I've been doing flourishing for two weeks and I'm not that good. So I would be horrified if I dropped a wynn, so not rare decks please

    Thankd :D
  8. Haha, righto. A couple of posts up, Formula mentioned whether you want clumpy or buttery, personally I refer clumpy, and for future reference, Wynns are the best clumpy decks you'll find :)
  9. I find the crown deck to be very good. The finish of the playing cards is nice, and it's hard to "bend" the cards by mistake.
  10. Here's a question for you; Are you wanting to show off as you do card tricks or are you wanting to do fan work to show off both, art & dexterity?

    When doing traditional stage & parlor work and specifically Card Manipulations, there are special decks that are ultra-thin, like the Norm Nealson decks (roughly half the thickness of a normal playing card) there are likewise colored & patterned "Fanning Decks" which seem to be a rare breed now days. These decks allow you to create multiple color changes and literally build geometric patterns and more. I'll bet some of the older Brick & Mortar shops like Abbotts & Stevens still carry these.

    As much as I admire the artwork all these new decks offer, I've seen little in way of true "innovation" when it comes to ways of working with the cards in creating a present-day version of these yesteryear phenoms. It's quite disappointing to tell you the truth.
  11. I'd use it for both of your options. Also sorry, but I'm a teen and I don't quite understand all of your text, sorry :(
  12. Don't worry, I'm a grown man an I don't understand what Craig says either.
  13. lol and sorry Craig :D
  14. all bee decks are awesome for flourishing
  15. Are the 1001 Aladdins good?

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