Best double lift?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Lionsden123, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. Is there a specific double lift you guys consider the best?
    I usually do the one where you put a finger on the front and back and just kinda flip it over, but I've seen some where you'd never know it was a double.

    I can't wait to hear some info!

  2. I personally use a strike double but a perfect (and also a 100% accuracy) push off double is undetectable!
  3. What's the best way to learn these? I don't know many doubles and would like to learn 1 or 2 or a bunch (lol) of good ones.

  4. Im with kiss on this one. If you could learn it well and get it down, the strike double lift is very useful. I also find myself riffling along the back of the deck to catch a break to double lift as well fairly often. In the end, do what you find most comfortable.

    A few double lift sources off the top of my head are the Card College series and The Card Magic of LePaul.
  5. I often use a "flying" double lift. Just a hand move to make the cards turn over. By this way, spectators cannot think there are two cards...
    But, in fact, they never see two cards with any of the double lift...
  6. i think the best double is larry jennings snap double as it can be done the same way for a double or triple lift. this also the favourite for Daryl taught in his encylopia (sp) of card magic
  7. Well to learn use Daryl's Encyclopedia of card magic I think its Volume 5 that covers double lifts..
  8. I used to use a strike double, and still do to catch my break on an off beat, but then i was talking to some magicians and they were talking about a strike double breaking tempo. It makes sense to me, so now i just get a break under 2 and perform it like a strike double. also the Stuart Gordon (i think) double is great and i sometimes use that.
    hope it helps.
  9. The key to a truly convincing double is for you to lift the cards, regardless of them being singles, doubles, triples, etc., in the EXACT SAME WAY or as close as friggin possible. If all your lifts, regardless of how many cards you're lifting, are the same, it will look natural and you will not draw unwanted heat or burning when you perform your double. You will also not break your rhythm.
  10. This is probably my favorite as well
  11. That is exactly how you should do your double lifts, as Dai Vernon said, everything must be natural, EVERYTHING. So if your normal lifts look like your double lifts, the spectators are none the wiser...
  12. Now I haven't seen that many double lifts but the best I've seen is the ultra natural double. You can see a video of it here.
  13. The one in the link is a perfect push off double.
  14. The best looking double-lift, in my opinion, is David Blaine's. He's so smooth with it, and it looks natural. He pushes off as many cards as he wants his thumb, though it looks like one, and then uses his thumbs to seamlessly flip the cards over the deck. It's quick, but so natural that I don't even think he's performing it, though he is.

  15. If you watch the clip of him performing for Dallas Cowboys head coach his DL is seemlingy un-noticable. So natural and smooth. I really have no tips it's all be covered. Good luck practicing.

  16. I cant do it, but Harry Lorane's "Pop up" D.L.
  17. I've been practicing it for a couple of weeks, but I still can't perfect it. He uses his thumb to push off as many cards as he wants, but they all stay together, making it look like its one card. Then, maintaining all the cards while flipping them over with just two fingers is tough.

  18. Lee Asher's Diving Board Double silly
  19. The DL that I use most is Wilson's Hit and Pinch, which can be found in the same PDF that teaches the Ultra Natural. The best part? The PDF is only $5! VERY much worth it...
  20. I just double lift as I would do with a normal lift...

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