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  1. Hi guys, I was just wondering what the best editing software is for iPhones or iproducts in general is.
  2. Magicat,

    I've always used Splice for my video-editing needs on iPod touch. However, I must advise you that I rarely use that device for recording videos and therefore, haven't played around with that particular software much.

    Some like it, some feel that it's junk...subjective I suppose.

    I hope this helps you out at least a little if nothing else.

    Take care,

    - Steve
  3. Actually I do use splice right know, and like it, but there is not a lot of options for certain things, so I find myself using splice, exporting, using the Vimeo app to do some touch ups and edit in some effects, exporting it again, putting that video on splice again, and then I edit the audio. I was kind of looking for a one stop shop for editing. But I will soon be getting a real camera. Do you or anyone else know of a good editing software for pc?
  4. Magicat,

    I use MAGIX Movie Edit Pro.

    It runs from around $70 - $130 USD, depending on which version.

    Well worth it if you are going to be using it often.

    Here is the link if you're interested in checking that out:

    MAGIX Movie Edit Pro

    On the other hand, if you're looking for something you do not have to pay for, then I offer you this:

    18 Best Video Editing Software For Free Download (Windows)

    You should find something to suit your taste there.

    Good luck,

    - Steve
  5. For a PC I would highly suggest Pinnacle or Sony Vegas. Both work very well. I myself am a Mac guy who sticks to iMovie and Final Cut.
  6. Sony Vegas is great and offers a lot, but its a bit complex to use at first. If your staying within the few things you mentioned and not going into special effects (which vegas can do) then I second MAGIX. It's great software that is super easy to use.

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