Best forks for practicing metal bending?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Sam Hardy, Mar 13, 2009.

  1. Hi,

    I was wondering what forks you guys (preferably in the UK) use to practice metal bending? Something cheap and cheerful would be great.

    -Sam H
  2. I'm in the States, but I order Next Day Gourmet "Dominion" forks for all my bending. They have a store on Not sure of the shipping costs though for the UK. I buy 9 dozen at a time for $30 something.
  3. Here in the United States, they sell forks of five for $1 at wal-mart. I dont know if your contry have wal-mart.
  4. I've yet to find any really suitable forks over here - I usually work with spoons though, ASDA's smartprice range gets you packs of 4 teaspoons for 47 pence or something and they're great.

    Forks are tough though, best bet is probably to look into importing some dominions.

  5. Plastic ones.
  6. This question would be really helpful for me too..

    So are Next Day Gourmet "Dominion" forks really good? Like can you bend the tine with your thumb easily? I am really looking forward to buy some, and if these are suitable, I'm getting them.

    Thank you for your answers.

  7. If you have like a dollar store or something similar to a walmart they might have easy to bend silverware. The cheaper the fork the easier it is to bend.
  8. Cheaper isn't always better. Sometimes cheap silverware can have brittle necks that are hard to cork screw without breaking off, even if the neck itself isn't that wide. I got a bunch of forks from Dollar General the other day and broke probably over half of them trying to practice corkscrews.

    Easy to bend is a good starting point, but if you can it's probably best to work up to stiffer forks for when you hand them to the spec. Lots of folks go for dominion, I've noticed, and Adam Strebler likes Winco forks. There's a product out for bending called Liquid forks, but don't let the name fool you...they're known for being on the hard side of medium as far as bending difficulty. Liquid forks also have no writing on the handle, which is kind of nice.
  9. Our Walmart has changed forks! Can't to Liquid Metal with the new ones. :( Thanks for the suggestion Lyle!
  10. That was a recommendation from SIX(!!!!) years ago, but they are still what I use. I haven't purchased any in a long time due to a huge stock I made for myself, but I think these are the same ones.

    // L
  11. In my opinion it helps to build up your strength to bend the not so cheap forks because sometimes when you hand them out and the spectator unbends the fork you just bent then you have a problem. Use cheaper spoons/forks to practice the opticals then build up to more harder silverware.
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