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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Enzo, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. What would you reccomend? Thanks!
  2. I used to like doing the haunted deck with Loops but they're a little inconvenient. I recommend the Almost Impromptu Rising Card. I happens in the spectators hands with you a few feet away.
  3. i feel loops are the most convenient when it comes to a thread hook up. you could also do a hummercard sort of hook up but the thread may be too long for your liking.
    but try to get some loops ( i would recommend mesika pre-striped ET for making your own loops)
  4. I really like Patrick Kun's Vector. I do think it is extremely visual and unique.
  5. Enzo, in the last 24 hours, you have created FOUR threads in the SAME sub-section of the forum, each asking only ONE question.

    It's not worth the time of the members of this board if you can't put more effort into your queries. Context, style, and ability are all factors in all three of the questions you have asked.

    Here's how much information you provided us:


    See any text? I don't. It's because I don't have anything to go by.

    Can you please post more information on your needs in each of these topics? It'd go a long way in assisting people so that they can further assist you.
  6. Static by David Jade.
  7. definitely vector by patrick kun the distance the card actually flys out cant be beat and its impromptu
  8. I'm in love with Momentum by Eric Richardson! :) It's impromptu, borrowed deck stuff, perfect for walkaround. With a bit of practice, you can even do it one-handed, meaning you spread the deck on your hand, and their card moves out. You DON'T even touch the deck!! As far as I know, it's the best "impromptu" haunted card/deck effect I've seen.

    It's a 1 hour download at Vanishing Inc, and Eric goes over some great stuff.
  9. Like sandwich effects, most haunted deck effects look more or less the same to spectators.

    Presentation should be the focus of doing one, rather than the method.

  10. I'm just asking questions. People may not answer it if they don't want.
  11. Thank you all for the recommendations!
  12. That suggests that the question you are asking is the correct one. That is a lie.

    I cannot recommend anything to you because you have given me absolutely nothing to go on. I know nothing about your existing repertoire, your performing experience, your preferences and sensibilities, your technical skill, the venues and settings you perform at the most often. With so little to go on, there's nothing I can do short of beating you into a catatonic state with a copy of Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic while shouting in frustration, "Just read this and shut up!"
  13. If you can't recommend anything too then just don't post.
  14. If you're not willing to actually learn how to be a magician instead of just a kid who does tricks, then don't open your mouth asking us to spoon feed you more things to spend your parents' money on.
  15. I have the right to post any questions I want.
  16. So you think it's kosher for you to say whatever the hell you want, but I don't have the same right. Should have seen that one coming.
  17. Maybe
  18. If you were a real mentalist you would have.

    All jokes aside Max Maven said it best

    "Mentalism is easy to do... badly."

    Although it Enzo is taking the long way around to do it very badly.
  19. So im not the only one who dislike enzo :D
  20. True . . . But I'm sure a lot of people get annoyed seeing your one liner "what's the best" posts. Especially when you post 4 in one day. If you want to stay updated with all the "new and hot" products, just sign up for the newsletter instead. . .

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