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  1. Hey, I'm pretty good with card tricks, but most of my good tricks use a gimmick like Wow 2.0 or Autograph by Justin Miller, Invisible Deck or Stripper Deck, etc. I want to know what you guys think is the best trick where I only need a deck of cards (maybe one or two extra), that involves the spectators and is mind blowing. I am not really looking for a trick where they just stand and watch, or any math tricks and stuff like that. Something that uses some sleights and shuffles would be good but not a simple lose and find routine. I want to be able to walk around with a pack of Sentinels and amaze people.. plain and simple, nothing in my pockets and nothing in my sleeves. Basically, I want to do real magic as David Blaine says in his book.

  2. A simple DL can make a big impact :) Just be creative!
  3. David Blaine does use gimmicks :) But I know what you mean, I find that combining two - gimmick + impromptu stuff work best for me (you can start with impromptu stuff, give deck for examination, then, when you get your credibility, you bring gimmicks).

    Having said that, Stigmata by Wayne Houchin is a great trick! Impromptu, all you need is a regular pack of cards, and reactions are awesome.
  4. check out the step system, 2 dvds set , ideal for strolling, you'll love it, just basic moves but awesome for laymen
  5. Hey are you talking about Lee Smith's STEP system volume one and two?
  6. yes very good dvds
  7. two card monte and here then there always hit hard.
  8. Boys,

    I myself have this problem a lot. Whenever I list out card tricks I can do, I find that there are more card tricks involving gimmicks/setup/extra cards/gaff cards than those that can be done FASDIU.

    But the one trick I count upon that can be done shuffled is either Blueprint or Biddle trick.
  9. Thanks for all the replies, I'll be sure to check everything out.

  10. If I ever want to do an impromptu set of something, I bust out an ambitious card routine. It always gets a great reaction, and there's some audience involvement depending on your routine.
  11. Some that I do that always get amazing reactions (and I do literally mean "always") are:
    Two Card Monte
    Culligula Triumph (Roadrunner Cull)
    Out of this World (impromptu version that Michael Ammar teaches on his Easy To Master series)
    And a simple convincing control with a bottom palm to a load in an impossible place.
  12. A lot of the most basic tricks (Card Change in the Spectator's Hands, Biddle, Simple 2-3 Phase ACR, etc) are the most powerful. I believe in Card College 1 or 2 (can't check right now because I'm in class), Roberto Giobbi describes the "Bending Card Principle" for the ACR. David Blaine used it in one of his specials and that was where I first saw it. Ever since reading it in Card College, I've been using it in almost every performance. It is extremely visual, and always gets some of the best reactions.

    If you are looking for impromptu card tricks, that require virtually no setup and are self working, look into Roberto Giobbi's Card College: LIGHT Series. Definitely a recommendation that I'm sure a lot of people would stand behind.

    Sometimes gimmicks are good, but if you can accomplish the effect without a gimmick, do the sleight of hand method. A lot of people worry about getting caught doing a sleight, so they resort to a gimmick doing the work for them. A lot of the time, a trick using a gimmick can't be given out to inspect - you're left dirty.

    One of the best things you can do, in my opinion, is study the basic tricks. In almost every situation I resort to these easy and basic tricks as they require little sleight of hand yet contain a lot of punch and impact.
  13. geoff williams has some of the sickest magic on his miracles for mortals dvds. yamfacan is nice too. so are some card tricks from eugene burger's voyage 1
    biddle trick is a go to effect. along with an acr.

    this is a tough question because there are soo many good impromptu tricks you can do.
  14. Wow, more stuff to look at thanks! I'll check everything out..
  15. you're looking for tricks with or without table ?
  16. Also the effect by Michael Vincent "4 Play with Foursome" is an awesome impromptu effect!!
  17. Biddle trick is perfect, and I also enjoy ACRs that use only tilts and double lifts.
  18. I often use the Biddle Trick and ACR routines and I also like sandwich routines. Look up the Royal Road to Card Magic (it's a book) it has many effects that use many different moves and sleights.
  19. Check out the beginners guide on T11 by Mr Jason England. I've really gotten a lot out of reading Royal Road to CardMagic. Using the T11 1 on 1 and a DVD I've added more to my out of pocket tricks. I can already do about 15 simple card tricks with a single deck with no setup. A lot of cool "numbers" and "spelling" tricks as well as deck control that Jason's 1 on 1 with Riflfe and Foundations2


    Good Journey,

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