Best Impromtu Coin Vanish?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by jedijames, Sep 7, 2007.

  1. Hello.
    I have been searching for months to find a good impromtu coin vanish.
    But I diden't find one yet.
    I have revolution and other coin vansih DVD's but I just don't like them.
    Where can I find a good coin vanish?
    Hope you can help:)
  2. Complete coin vanish, or one where you're dirty and (possibly) have to ditch?

  3. I know that I'm not exactly a coin guy myself, but I could probably point you to the right direction if your looking for variety when it comes to coin vanishes. You may want to check out

    There is a whole section with 10 or so pages of effects that deal with coins. There is bound to be something close to what you are looking for there!

    Shane K.
  4. no offence man but if you want a really good impromtu compleate vanish and you dont like the revolution, you might want to check out sleeving
  5. i forget what its called
    but rhe coin trick that ends up on your head...without them knowing
  6. silver dream in short sleeves expensive if you cant figure it out
  7. Silver Dream

    The Imagination vanish by Eric Jones

    There's two Coin Vanish manuscripts from
  8. I think the best impromptu coin vanish is Revolution. It's sad that you don't like it and I'm wondering why. Why don't you like it? Other coin vanishes out there don't immediately leave you clean. Like elementalconjurer said, the next best thing is sleeving.
  9. Whats wrong with ending dirty?

    Nothing, you can then reproduce the coin. If you know how to convincingly look clean. Sleeving doesn't end you clean either, and what wrong with sleeving the coin that you have palmed from a retention vanish. Very easy impromptu complete coin vanish.
  10. this isn;t really a good question. the answer is the one that make the routine flow better, sleeving is a complete vanish, i can get coins caught inside my sleeve and can get them to stay put when the arms drop.

    if for some strange reason you need to JUST vanish a single coin it can as simple as a false transfer and a trip to the pocket for a wand or pen. you guys over complicate the matter

    The problem with so-called "coin magic" these days, is that the younger generation of magicians (no offense, I understand that it's a generalisation) treats vanishing a single coin as a stand-alone effect. (ie, revolution, breakaway vanish, GONE vanish, etc.)

    Here's the thing.

    I can get the same reaction from a retention vanish (and I don't even have to follow it up with Wiped Clean- although I do). So really, I'm getting a BETTER reaction.

    Vanishing ONE coin is like doing the pass with cards. Without an effect to frame it- it's not entertaining, and barely amazing.

    I don't think it's enough. Unless your magic show is 45 seconds long.

    Learn some routines- not just vanishes.

    /rant. :)

  12. bravo scott thats exactly what i was getting at. i like you more with every post, im glad you are here
  13. A nice false transfer... keep it simple, you'll get better reactions with that than you will with a shell or anything else if you know how to use it. Also, try working it into a routine, it become much more powerful and magical when something surrounds the vanish.

  14. Jedijames,
    What are you wanting to use this vanish for?
    Are you trying to fit it in to an existing routine or are you wanting something to start out with?

    Done well one of the best impromptu coin vanishes is the french drop. If you believe that the coin is in the hand it's not, the spectators will believe that too.

    From there you are able to produce it from another place, or just ditch it in your pocket.

    The better the info that you give us the better the info that you will get back will be.

  15. hello.
    I would like to vanish a coin without any sleves.
    I have a DVD called Harada Hold but I don't like it to much.
    It would be nice to make a coin vanish with out bad angel problems but the coin can still be in the hand.
    Do you know any way how to do this?
  16. For a simple coin vanish all i do is false transfer into the left hand, and bring my left hand forward in a fist to keep their attention on that hand, sneak the other hand into the pocket, bring both hands back, build up, and reveal.

    also using the classic palm is great because you can do the false transfer and make it appear your right hand is empty so that the audience will watch the left hand more intently.

    The problem with so-called "coin magic" these days, is that the younger generation of magicians (no offense, I understand that it's a generalisation) treats vanishing a single coin as a stand-alone effect. (ie, revolution, breakaway vanish, GONE vanish, etc.)

    Great post and something which the topic creator should take note of.

    It's all well and good having a vanish but don't do just that on it's own, use it in a routine.
  18. Really you are asking a question with a lot of answers.
    But John and Scott are right, just vanishing a coin is not magical. You need to routine it to make it entertaining, to have some sort of meaning and purpose.

    The Harada Hold is really quite an advanced place to start if you wanted a coin vanish, however on the DVD there are some very nice routines that if you can master will give you great results.
    The angles are not really as bad as they seem as long as you are performing for small groups of people.
    Can I suggest picking up a copy of J.B. Bobo's New Modern Coin Magic book (I recommend the full hard cover version rather than the 'lite' soft cover edition) and working through the sleights and routines in there. You should find that an ample source to start out in coin magic.
  19. Totally agree Scott.

    I also think that magicians are looking for the cleanest way possible, because they're afraid to be dirty. Being dirty is fine, as long as you don't look like you're dirty!

    For vanishes, go back to Bobo's.

  20. Slide and Got2B Gone by Shoot Ogawa

    Wither Vanish by Apollo Robbins

    Tunnel Vanish by JB Bobo

    Slide Vanish by ???

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