Best intermediate to advanced card magic book that is no more than 25 dollars?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by johnh11374, Jan 5, 2020.

  1. I have been doing card magic on and off for around 8 years now and I have studied books such as Expert at the card table and Royal road to card magic almost completely front to back. I am looking for a bit more of a challenging book that has much more advanced and difficult sleights. Only problem is that I only have 25 dollars to spend on the book. I am aware thats not a lot to spend considering most of these types of books are upwards of 50 dollars but any response would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. My first recommendation is Art of Astonishment, Volume 1 which is $35.

    If you need to stay below $25, you can get a couple of the following which are each under $10:

    Expert Card Technique - Hugard & Braue
    Card Control - Buckley
    Card Magic of LePaul - LePaul
    Counts, Cuts & Subtleties - Mentzler
    Card Manipulations - Hugard
    More Card Manipulations - Hugard
    Encyclopedia of Card Tricks (mostly self-working and gaffs)

    Some suggestions for FREE resources (which are legitimate and not pirated):

    Register at and you will get access to the Learned Pig Project which has a number of public domain magic books in electronic format.

    Register at Conjuring Arts Research center and you will get access to Anneman's Jinx which has a treasure trove of card, mentalism and other effects.
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  3. If you don’t mind a PDF, Las Vegas Close Up would be well worth it to check out, only $7.

    Why are you recommending Card Manipulations, More Card Manipulations and the Encyclopedia of Card Tricks for purchase, when they’re in the public domain?

    Coincidentally, they are all in the Learned Pig Project which you mentioned.
  4. Curious: why would you want sleights to be difficult?
  5. Basically I get really bored when I dont have some sort of challenge. I like to push myself and see what my limits are
  6. Ok! I just ordered ‘Card magic of lepaul’. I will take a look at the others as well once I have thoroughly looked at this one. Thanks for the reply!
  7. Thats actually the main reason why I said I have been doing magic on and off. I simply get bored because I dont have enough of a challenge. Im one of those wierdos that likes moves that are so hard that they hurt your hands a lot at first and then it slowly gets easier as you practice. One of those being Xaviers rise (raise rise). God that hurt the first time I learned it.
  8. Awesome. I hope to see you do some knuckle-busting stuff some time!
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  9. If I post something ill come back and link you.
  10. In case he wants a hard copy...
  11. Okay...

    It would have been nice to let Johnh know that he could take a look at the book before he paid for it.

    Also Counts, Cuts and Subtlety by Jerry Mentzer is a great book, but contains no tricks.
  12. Not a knuckle busting book, but a good tool regardless.

    I’d suggest looking into stacks if your confident with your handling. Bound to Please is 35 USD compared to Mnemonica at 65 and the late Mr. Aronson has some free info on his website. Both books are great.

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