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  1. What is your opinion on the best looking cards out there ?
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    I really like the backs on tragic royalty.

    I love the Karnival, Karnival Midnights, and Karnival Assassins.

    Arcanes look really nice.

    I really like the backs of Absolut Vodka playing cards.


    how could I forget Blue Watermelons! Wouldn't that be awesome if they genetically engineered an actual blue watermelon?!

    S&M's v3 are awesome and so are Shadow Masters.
  3. Easy Decision.

    Guardians, They are so awesome .
  4. agreed... guardians
  5. Splitspades look quite nice.
  6. Smoke decks
  7. Split Spades, Smoke, and Mirror.
  8. Smokes, mirrors, tally ho fanback.
  9. Bicycle tangent backs or white cents
  10. Mirrors,Guardians,and tragic royalty although they handle like crap...
  11. Arrco's and Aladdins. :)

  12. Smokes, Mirrors and Guardians
  13. smoke and mirrors v2 and v3 .. :)
  14. I like arcanes...
  15. Bee Watermelons! My favorite cards. They handle like a dream, and look beautiful.
  16. Arcanes, Smoke and Mirrors, Whits Cents, Karnivals, , Raiders...etc
  17. Smoke....Mirrors....Tally ho (circle backs)....And the watermelon decks look amazing yet i dont own any and hope to pick up some.
  18. White cents i love the bee stinger design ummm smoke and mirror 1st and 2nd gen and of corse you cant forget the beautiful tally ho circle back!!
  19. Two words

  20. Smoke and mirror, Tally-Ho (fan back), and aladdin are my favourite.

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