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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Mat La Vore, Dec 26, 2011.

  1. I didn't buy much this year as far as magic goes, as not much excited me enough to get my wallet out this year, as well as I have enough stuff I already own keeping me busy as it is. There were some notable releases though this year: Richard Sanders' Ultra Gum, Garrett Thomas's Stand Up Monte, Matt Sconce's Note...

    My favorite release of 2011 was Exact Change by Greg Wilson. Since its release I've carried it with me regularly and gotten a ton of use out of it. Great opener, it's direct and easy to follow, the gimmick is well-made and the DVD is well-taught, and it's different.

    What was your favorite release of 2011?
  2. Wow, that's tough. Stand Up Monte was absolutely superb. I also really enyoyed Sugar Rush and Ink, as they both open up a lot of doors with their versatile gimmicks. I also think the UCCU is worth mentioning. I personally dont use the card to spectators wallet that much, but its still amazing in that you can have the spectator's shuffle the deck and still retain complete control. Useful for the pccasional heckler who wants to shuffle everything.

  3. I didn't get it but have a friend who did, and I couldn't help but wonder--couldn't a crimp accomplish the same thing?
  4. It was a pretty slow year, I just ended up revisiting stuff like : D notes and Howard Hamburg Sessions by Howard Hamburg ..... went back to learning the manfred shuffle.... Practicing my pass, side steal and cover pass.

    I feel the magic industry is getting too reliant on gimmicks... seems like everything that comes out lately is gimmicked, and that
    doesn't really interest me. I don't even own a double backer.

    Roll on 2012.... it will be the year instant downloads take over, and hopefully some new creators can bring some fresh plots to the table, stuff that I won't have to wait 5 working days in the post and a trip to a craft-shop to start learning.
  5. I actually thought that there were many great releases this year.

    This way up was one of the best mentalism books I have ever read.

    The Berglas Effects is amazing so was Dani DaOrtiz's DVDs.

    There were many good PDFs that came out as well as single trick DVDs
  6. Ahhh Yeah ... Utopia ... I don't have it, but I do have Que Raro and Open Triumph... So I can imagine it's fantastic.

    As for the Berglas Effects I didn't even know he had a book. Does it teach the famous Berglas Effect ACAAN ?
  7. The Berglas Effects is a book on the card magic of David Berglas. There is a chapter at the start of the book relating to ACAAN and then at the end there is an other one about the 'Berglas Effect' or the miracle ACAAN.
  8. But this also controls multiple cards and you don't need to shuffle afterwards to control the cards.
  9. My favorite release this year was Woody Aragons "A book in English". Normally when I buy a book or a DVD it`s a good buy if I use one item after reading/watching. But this book is FULL of effects and sleights I use or will use.
    Utopia comes close next to it.
  10. Not to mention having your hands empty, and revealing a card from any wallet. Crimp is a good control. I would add another vote for UCCU, as a huge multi-purpose utility device.
  11. Agreed, it's more than just a card control. You can hold out gimmicked cards, dupes, use it with other objects, control multiple selections at once while the spectator shuffles as well.
  12. Even though it wasn't introduced in 2011 what about Wayne Houchin's release of counterfit hollingworth. That is still the best piece by piece TnR trick I have seen.

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