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  1. Sup guys,

    I'm new here, but not necessarily to magic. I've been making a few effects myself over the years mostly modified from other performer's ideas and bases.

    My wallet was recently stolen and I figure this is a good opportunity to get a magic wallet of sorts. I know that I want to get a card-to-wallet effect, if it is possible to get anything else with that, great!

    I'm looking for suggestions for better card-to-wallet wallets or magic wallets in general. As with all products, it would be nice to have a decent build quality.

    Thanks for reading,

    (PS: Sorry for my poor English.)
  2. my mullica wallet is amazing. it has an impossible card to wallet with the second wallet and zipper and the second wallet can also be used as a tool to get a peek of something that someone wrote down. to me its much less suspicious then a center tear. you simply put the business card in the wallet, the wallet in the bigger wallet, hand them the wallet and you had your peek a long time ago
  3. The Real Man's Wallet is the only way to go.
  4. Get the real mans wallet
  5. try the jardonnet wallet its a mixture of the fire wallet and card to wallet it can be found on
  6. Thanks for the help, guys. Let me address each wallet individually:

    I like how it is useful on a multitude of tricks beyond CTW, but it seems a little too large for everyday use.

    Real-Man's Wallet:
    This looks very cool. Easy to get in the pocket and it looks easy to do the trick. Question: does it have a coin slot/pouch/area?

    Jardonnet Wallet:
    An interesting combination, but it looks poorly made and I can see the striking mechanism when it's not supposed to be seen.

    I used to have a flame wallet that was button prerss, I can't remember the name or the company that made it, though. Any ideas?

    Thanks for all the help!
  7. Royal wallet. I will never use another card-to-wallet ever...

    In terms of practicality of both a good magic wallet and every-day-use wallet, it's unbeatable in my opinion. No need to mercury card fold either, which was a big reason why I chose this over the Mesika wallet. They look similar but are not.

    Anyways, if you're interested, I get them from Mark Reed at The Magic Vault. Mark is a great guy and good friend of mine. Tell him Steve Simmons sent ya!

    Best of luck.

    EDIT: Here is the direct link to the Royal Card to Wallet. And also, that red thing in the wallet is just there for the picture. It looks somewhat cheap in the picture, but my wallet has lasted me going on 2 years and just looks like a regular wallet. The zipper is still good, no rips, etc. High quality IMO. :)
  8. Thanks for the awesome and in-depth post. I looked through the description and pictures and can't determine if it has a coin pouch/compartment. Does yours?

    Sorry for my English.

  9. Ivan,

    No, it does not have a coin department. But there is a zippered pouch for the reveal of the signed item. I use it for card to wallet, dollar, etc. Any revelation of a signed object really...

    I don't personally see the need for a coin pouch... I just use a separate coin purse.

  10. Thanks for the info!

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