Best magical effect ... ?

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Slicke, Dec 21, 2009.

  1. What is the best magical card effect that you have ever seen, whether its very hard sleight of hand to easy self working trick ?
  2. Lemme get this off my chest first. Card effects can be good but are overused on this fourm and i think it would be great if everyone tried doing new things. Anyways....

    Best card effect I would say is ACR just because the diveristy that can be achived in it, and you can really take your own spin off it.
  3. Couldn't be more true ! Pizza is also my favorite meal because of the diversity btw!
  4. lenard green, the laser, card trick were the cards dissapear when he deals them out, at first that card trick rocked my world now I know how its done but damn, green is spectacular.
  5. The two card monte, and all its variations..

    Always a favorite of mine and a killer effect as well.
  6. The same effect can be the best for a person and the worst for another! Wa can't decide what is "the best card trick in the world".
    For me, my best reactions are for my ACR! Because it's easy for your spectators to follow and it's easy to perform!

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