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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by magi1982, May 13, 2008.

  1. Who do you think is the best magician or mentalist going today and why? Just wondering what people think.
  2. I have to say Criss Angel becuase he is just so hot and just so-

    No. Just kidding. I really can't say who is the best. I would have to say my favorite is Aaron Fisher becuase he is an amazing card magician. But I wouldn't say he is the best. Everyone is good at something. No one is good at everything. (That sounded outragously corny. Srry about that).
  3. i dont know. there might be a magician nobody has heard of who gets better reactions than the pros. do you just mean who the best FAMOUS magician is? i dont know that either lol.
  4. I'd have to go with Jamy Ian Swiss...
  5. Derren Brown is an amazing mentalist, I don't see anyone who would disagree.
    Its too hard to choose the best seeing as its opinion, especially in the magician category but Derren's up on that imaginary list.

  6. Dude, I TOTALLY disagree... Joking, Derren's awesome. Like alot of the others here its kinda hard to say who our favorite is, but if i must say one... Daniel Madison for sure... Or David Blaine...

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    I really love Paul Harris, Danny Garcia, and Wayne Houchin because they are unbelievably creative and out of the box thinkers.

    I also really love David Blaine as well as Cyril Takayama...
    but i can't really judge who the best magician is
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    ummm... me?

    Why? It's me :)

  9. Theory11 artist are one of the best in the industry oh and Danny Garcia
    This is my personal list
    - Wayne Houchin- I Love the reactions he gets, very talented, his my hero!
    - Daniel Madison- I Love the deception and sleight of hand of his tricks, another hero of mine.
    - Chris Kenner- I Love his style funny and he is awesome I admire him so much as well
  10. I think it would be extremely difficult to choose "the best magician today", as there are so many of them, all with their own strengths and weaknesses. I say every-body is a great magician in their own way... at least most of us! :D
  11. If i were to take Fism into would be Helder Guimaraes.

    He is superb with a deck of cards.
  12. I can't really say who's the "best", but I can certainly tell you who my favourites are.

    Close-up sleight-of-hand is my passion, so my number one choice is Lennart Green. He's amazingly creative with his sleights and effects, as well as being a hugely entertaining performer.

    I also have to give a nod of appreciation to Derren Brown. I'm really pleased he's started getting better known in the US. I believe that his thinking on performance and the theatre of magic is the biggest contribution to this craft since someone thought it would be a good idea to pick up two cards and pretend that they were only one.
  13. I'd saay the twins (db^2) ..... I just like theyre style and i enjoy watching them .... theyre my favorite performers ....
    Sorry if someone disagrees
  14. i can't decide between a few.
    1) Danny Garcia :D
    2) Chris Kenner
    3) Daniel Madison
    4) David Blaine

    Have you guys noticed that great magicians names tend to start with D's? (CK's an exeption, he's still awesome. :))
  15. ive always enjoyed magicians with a sense of humor, such as danny or jay sankey

    but lately ive been into a lot of derren brown stuff, and its just fascinates the crap out of me.

    Like i always knew humans were easially manipulated and predictable, but wah lol
  16. Best stage magicians- Penn and Teller
    Best card magician- The list goes on
    Best coin magician- The list goes on
    Best mentalist- Derren Brown
    Best creator of tricks- Paul Harris
    Best overall magician- Me:)
  17. well my favourite is really Lee Asher. Not because of his tricks or anything like that. It's simply because he is such a good entertainer. He can talk so amazing in my oppinion. I could watch him three days in a row for 24 h without a break.

    I bet he could sell cheap cars for 50.000$

    Daryl, DG and Wayne houchin are also nice to watch, but as i said my favourite is Lee

    there was a 15 yaer old boy in nebraska today.......he brought road-kill back to life
  19. Mother Earth.
  20. Tommy Wonder (R.I.P.) You never said they had to be alive...

    anyways, why not choose the only guy I know of that can misidrect the camera!?

    or florian Zimmer...
    anyone who can backpalm a bike is cool (I know he's not really...or is he?)

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