Best Marketplace tricks/flourishes?

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by faizpardesi, Dec 25, 2016.

  1. I've been lookin through the marketplace the past couple of days, because you know, what better time to buy stuff then now?:D

    I was hoping to get some suggestions because the stuff there is a lotttttttttt.
    I recently downloaded 'Helicopter - Eric Simmatis', that was something that was fun to learn and really cool looking. Then cuts like 'Dames - James Davies' or forces like the 'Pink Riffle Force' were fun and interesting too.

    I was looking for more suggestions, stuff you guys may have found cool looking too?

    P.S (to the admins): Is there a possibility to have an 'open in new tab' feature. It's kinda annoying to click a video then when i go back, having to scroll down back to reach the point i have been on and to keep clicking 'show more tricks'.

    Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL!
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  2. Look up Ekaterinas 'French Manicure'
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  3. Oni Cut by Brett Hurley is probably the best :D
    I'd also suggest Turbine by Andrei Jikh which is a really fun and easy move to do.

    If you're looking for tricks, some great ones are Turnstyle by James Davies, FanTABulous by Tom Elderfield or any of the rubber band tricks by Joe Rindfleisch
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  4. I've already gotten that. Thanks for the suggestion though !

    I haven't check those tricks out. Thanks !
  5. My recent downloads are Slicer and Alternate Universe. And I highly recommend both of them! Slicer in particular because it's well priced and it's a great illusion that everyone can understand and relate to.
  6. Bought both !
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  7. If you're like me (and Rick) you won't use Alternate Universe like an out of this world effect. The patter about impossibility and improbility seems to work fine so far.
  8. Just purchased 'Slicer' looks pretty cool.
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  9. Thank you so much for the recommendation of Slicer! It looks dope!
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  10. PolteRing
  11. Anytime! It honestly fooled the heck out of me when I first saw it so I had to have it at that price!
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  12. I hadn't seen that! Looks good!
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  13. Now, I haven't bought as much as I'd like on the wire, so I only know a small part of what's there.

    May I recommend some of Michael O'Brien's effects? I won some free tricks of his a while back, so I may be slightly biased, but I really do like what he has.

  14. I am with you there. I have a number of his effects and they are simply amazing. TdF is one of my favourite Triumph effects (I highly recommend this to anyone who wants a classier "in the hand's triumph"). My most recent purchase of his was Boxed Reset and it is a great take on the classic Reset trick that I feel is more simple in handling and more powerful.
  15. I have Michael O Brien's 'The Imagine Nation'. Good lord there's a lot of gems in there. Some of whats in the book he has as singular effects in the Marketplace.

    Honestly, I'd look at all the trailers of his tricks, and if you like several of them, get the book.

    Or just get all his effects in the marketplace. Either way, the guy is legit!
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  16. Wrap it 2.0 by me

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