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Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by francismcallister, Jan 8, 2017.

  1. I'm curious to see all of your opinions . I'm looking for amazing fresh Mentalist effects on the market. What're some of your favourites ??

    I will add I'm not looking for any effects with playing cards as I have to many already .

  2. You largely excluded playing cards already, since you're asking about mentalism.

    What have you studied in regards to mentalism?
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  3. Excluding playing cards is foolish but suit yourself. Go check out Astronomical by Peter Turner.
  4. I'd appreciate actual references to effects and not smart alec remarks please and thank you ....

    To each their own Grant I have to many card effects . I'm looking to pursue drawing duplications, remote viewing, book tests, anything with currency stuff like that.
  5. Im interested in steam 2.0 but I really am hesitant on ordering it, I have an idea on how it's done ..If it's how I imagine it then I'm not really into that handling .
  6. Ok so you're not actually interested in studying mentalism but just want a list of tricks.

    Study the fundamentals, you'll learn everything on your list.
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  7. I have Steam 2.0 and I highly recommend it. Psypher 2.0 is another great effect that's similar to it but I use it for a different performance. Word In A Million is pretty decent but I prefer Max Maven's book test taught in his lecture and would use Word In A Million as an out. Svenpad combined with Astronomical by Peter Turner is pretty killer. I also have Hack by Peter Turner and it's effective when used in the right conditions. My best advice is to get Max Maven's Live Lecture, Richard Osterlind and Bob Cassidy's Lecture, Patrick Redford's Lecture, and any of Peter Turner's Live Lecture. Peter Turner's Freefrom Mentalism is good but you have to have the right character to pull it off I feel.
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  8. I know quite a bit on Mentalism thank you very much, im interested in what the good people on theory 11 have to say...I'm bored with Mentalism and am simply trying to spice it up...
  9. If you are bored with your mentalism, then change up your presentations.

    Almost all of mentalism is based on the same, very few, methods with a different presentation.

    Peeking a card is the same as peeking a billet is the same as peeking a drawing on a comic board backer. The difference comes from the performance, presentation, premise, and so on. Make the routines personal and you'll never get bored with them.

    I always encourage folks to study continuously. Pick up books. I just got a stack of them over the holidays I'm working my way through. Don't worry about effects - learn the systems and come up with your own effects.

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