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  1. I have several effects that I use that I have created (yes--they use some established prinicpals but in a combination that as far as I know are unique). One I use as a demonstration that I can persuade someone to mentally select a card I force on them. I have put together a pdf of a mentally selected card by the spectator that is then "signed" in a unique way and is found in my wallet. It is 100% accurate, no sleight of hand, everything can be examined by the spectator. I even have a twist that is definitley more difficult and not 100% but that allows the spectator to find their mentally selected "signed" card in the wallet with a prediction of where the card was in the deck (an mental ACAAN effect if you will). Another version actually predicts two mentally selected cards.

    Since I have never sold my own effect, I was interested in any words of advice from any of you that have--i.e. best place to sell, pricing, etc.

  2. why dont you post it here...Most user generated effects take years before they go commercial...
  3. Research your methods well share them with some of the more knowledge members of te comunity. I am talking about the magic comunity as a whole and not just t11. I would be more than happy to look into them if you would like.
  4. Posting it is a possiblity. My thought was selling it as an ebook. I am truely not interested in making money on it but think the method has some exciting possibllities. I do think it is important people buy it to eliminate anyone not serious about performing the effect properly. Since I really do not care about the money it gives me alot of freedom in pricing (i.e. sell just a few for alot or price cheaply). Like many, the idea of having a "published work" that is attributed to me would be something of an achievement.
  5. Dicer--thank you for your offer. I am going to make a list of a few indivduals that I may have look it over and have your name down. Thanks
  6. One of the best things you can do is send the effect to a magazine such as genii or magic. This will do a couple things for you. If the effect really is that good, they will accept it, and that is when you know you have something on your hands that is worth publishing. It will give you a publishing date, making sure that you will be able to receive credit for your contribution to the magic community in case someone tries to rip it off. And most importantly, people can then read the said effect in the issue, and give you constructive feed back on how to make the trick even better than it already is. Also its free! Joshua Jay has a column in Magic called "Talk about tricks" and David Acer has a column in Genii called "The Magicana" they are both very accessible people, their emails are on both their websites. Cheers.
  7. Agreed with ^. Very good advice. You get massive exposure to the community, advice about your work, and get to share your method as well.

    If however you do want to sell it, I'd go with David's recommendation of sending it to professionals, again to people like Joshua Jay and so forth who obviously know their stuff, and who other people know. They'll be able to help you with your effect, give you a realistic and as accurate as you'll get evaluation about it, other advice, as well as possible written endorsements. If you get good feedback, I think the next step would be looking at pitching it to some established websites. I think seeing it on anything less would be something of a waste, and do your effect injustice.
  8. I will second Josh Jay. Send your info to Vanish Inc. and let him take a look or read. He is a great magic historian as well as lecturer and performer. He knows quite a bit about methods and what has been done before.
  9. I sent you a PM
  10. All great suggestions---thanks everyone.
  12. Thanks Zac--interesting Utube link
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    Thought of Card Now being Marketed

    Thanks for all those who responded. I took the advice and sent my Thought of Card effect to some well known mentalists to look at. I was thrilled with their response. Sean Waters said "wonderful...the simplicity, ruses and nuances all appealed to me.!" He told me it was a "steal" between $10-$15.

    It is being sold at The link is Again a brief description of the effect is a spectator chooses a card, then tells the performer of a unique mark on the thought of card and finally the location of the thought of card in an imaginary deck. The Performer immediately takes out his wallet with the spectator's card, unique mark and number prediction of where it is located in the imaginary deck! It involves no sleight of hand and everything can be examined. You can get more details at the website.

    It is a short pdf but gives you all the knowledge you need to perform the effect. It is not a fancy, glossy publication. I guess that is because this is truely undergound magic. Thanks for everyone's advice and I hope you have as much success with it as I have.

  14. Sean Waters is amongst the cream of the crop. Congratulations on getting your effect out there - best of luck with it.
  15. Thanks Prae--When I heard Sean's comments on the effect that was the deciding factor in moving forward because I have so much respect for his opinion.
  16. The Magician's Handbook... one of those "Must Study" tomes of long ago years, had a paragraph in it that read something like this... "If you wish to become a well known magician, write a book"

    Today, with the Internet and the ease of Self-Publishing every 12 year old that's played with magic a couple of years (if that) is trying to sell over-priced eBooks and "their tricks" as manuals, videos or in some rare cases, through a legit source.

    If you want to "sell' your stuff the big step most younger developers forget to take is getting established. If people don't know who you are or what you're mind is capable of why would they want to pay for anything you put out?

    Get established first; start contributing to a couple of different eZines such as VISIONS or even in various forums... including small one like this but the larger ones as well... with exception to the Magic Cafe, I wouldn't recommend it if you want to keep your material your own... yes, there are some good people there but sadly, it seems to be a breeding ground for the more devious... but then you can find that kind of bottom feeder most anywhere these days.

    Do understand that selling magic is not longer an indicator of genius nor an assurance of any sort when it comes to income generation, fame, etc. There is a reason Jim Stinemeyer and Don Wayne keep day jobs. While some cash can be made very few of us really see what most would call "big bucks".

    If you are young (under 25) take your time and LISTEN to the old timers. We are there to guide and support... it's our job as well as our obligation.

    WORK IT! Keep your secrets to yourself and in your act... use them regularly so they build your public reputation. REMEMBER, it's the general public that will pay you the money that pays for your rent and life style NOT the magic community! Don't wear blinders when it comes to this fact, look at each step as a business venture because that's what it is. From a marketing point of view establishing yourself FIRST is the best way to establish a "Brand Name" and in the long run, have a legit reason to sell your stuff at a higher price as the result of proven value. ;)

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