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  1. Hello I've been doing card magic for a long time and I'm looking to add other things. If someone could give me some good places to learn that would be appreciated! (I don't care if the courses are paid.)
  2. Add other things to your car magic, or all around magic?

    I know it says online, but I suggest picking up Mark Wilson's Complete Course. The books are going to give you the complete courses.
  3. Both I guess, and thanks!
  4. May I ask if you've read through any books, and if so which ones, what you have learned, where you have learned it, and what you consider your level to be? This will help us better help you.
  5. Books might be the way to go, unless visual learning helps you out a lot. If you are just beginning, try out Royal Road to Card Magic, or Tarbell, or Card College. As of online courses, I don't know.
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  7. I am probably intermediate with cards and everything else beginner.
  8. I would suggest picking up some books. You can probably find some in your library, or for very cheap on amazon.

    I am going to Copy My post from an earlier thread and post it here, just to help.

    For basic sleight of hand, A Great place to start is The Royal Road to Card Magic. It is a great beginner source. It will work you up from the very basics, all the way up to more advanced moves. It has a ton of tricks in it, as well as presentation. It will keep you occupied for ages! After you finish it, also check out Expert Card Technique. It is essentially part 2 of the Royal Road, but much more advanced stuff. You can also get The Encyclopedia of Card Tricks, which is similar to these two, but is much more open, with new principals coming into play. All of these are roughly about $10 each.

    If you are looking for more so Self Working Card Tricks, or Tricks that don't require too much sleight of hand, pick up Scarne on Card Tricks or Card College Light. Self working tricks are great because they allow you to create amazing presentations. Scarne on Cards is 155 tricks, most of which are self working/semi automatic, and a few that require some basic sleight of hand. It costs about $10. Card College Light is part of a Trilogy (alongside it's brothers "Lighter" and "Lightest") by Roberto Giobbi. It is amazing self working stuff, a long with a ton more. It even teaches you super advanced moves that are done with self working methods (Mainly Card College Lightest. Check out THIS thread for more info on it. You're gonna have to read through a few posts on it. Roberto Giobbi has also written a 5 volume course entitled "Card College". It covers a ton of card magic, all the way up to advanced stuff. However, buying all 5 books is very pricey, so the Royal Road is a great alternative (the Royal Road still has a ton of info in it, and is only $10 for a paperback copy).

    There are a ton more books you can pick up, but this is where I would start.

    One of the best beginner coin magic books is J. B. Bobo's Modern Coin Magic. Most coin magicians would recommend you start there. It is also very cheap ($10)

    A lot of Coin Magic can be applied to Ring Magic too! However, there isn't a major book on Ring Magic (at least as far as I can find), but there are a ton of effects out there on the market that will be of use.

    I have no experience with Mentalism (as of yet), but I do know that a lot of Mentalists recommend Theodore Annemann's Practical Mental Magic. If I am wrong about this, I'm sure someone will correct me and give you a better book :D Also very cheap btw.

    All Around
    Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic is a HUGE book that covers almost all aspects of magic; Cards, Money, Rope, Sponge balls, Cups & Balls, Make at Home & Impromptu, Mental, Bets, Handkerchiefs, even full on Stage Ilusions! Now, the link I gave you says $15, but I have found people selling it for 3 - 5 dollars. It is very cheap and easy to get a hold of. Check the "more sellers" or look for it on ebay. You may even have a local magic store that might be selling it!

    The Tarbell Course in Magic is a 8 Volume course put that covers almost all aspects of magic (literally almost everything available at the time of it's printing as far as the categories are concerned. Obviously, new things have been discovered, such as magic with your phone, or with a picture, but for the most part, everything is covered). It even goes over non performance stuff like advertising. It is however VERY pricey, a very tough read (in my opinion, if not just for the shear size of it). Thus, I would recommend getting a pretty good grip of magic before trying to tackle it.

    Hope this was of help!

    If you want more help, or more direct info about a topic, I will be happy to help! Also, if you are looking for some easy products you can buy and practice, then go out and perform to your friends as a one time trick, I can help you with that too!

    @RealityOne suggests Buckely's Card Control, The Card Magic of LePaul, Karl Fulves' Foolproof Card Tricks and Fulves' Self Working Mental Magic, in addition to those listed above.

    Obviously you don't have to buy all of them now (or ever, I guess), but definitely look into some of them.
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  9. Thanks for the list! I have read royal road, am reading expert card technique, and encyclopedia of card tricks. I have read some of scarne, but haven't read card college. I do have bobo's book but haven't dived deep yet. Mark Wilson's complete course of magic i might pick up!
  10. Mark Wilson's book is absolutely amazing. Highly recommend it!
  11. I highly recommend Aaron Fisher, he is a master and really knows what he's doing (sometimes his voice comes off as a little condescending but I'm pretty sure it's just how he talks).

    My advice to anyone was stolen from Jon Racherbaumer. Live with a book for a year. Get a good book on magic, any of these would work , and learn every move and sleight in the thing. Study it in depth. If you knew everything in any of these books you would be considerably more skilled than most professionals.
  12. Monogamy is overrated.
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