Best place to buy the 'Expert At The Card Table' ?

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  1. Hello, does anybody know where the best place is to buy the 'Expert At The Card Table' book ?
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    You can buy it at dan and dave.
    Hope i helped ;)
    Off-topic: I think theory11 should start selling books as well, just an opinion though.

    , ilusiv3
  3. For a physical copy? Penguin Magic or Dan and Dave.

    Though has a kindle version (that looks really good) for under $3.00.
  4. Whats the password ?
  5. Thank you, ever so much !
  6. You can also easily find the Dover edition on Amazon for about 8 USD.

    Personally, my favorite version is the Indestructible one from CARC, but it is a bit more expensive at around $25 I think?

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