Best Routine of My Life!

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  1. I'm just happy! I did the best routine in my entire life this is what happened:
    I was showing a ACR to a group of people then I was going to perform TRN by Mathieu Bich and I remember what Chris Kenner said on the DVD take a random card and ask the spectator to say any card this girl say "six of diamonds" and I said do you want to change your mind? she said mm.. yeah I want the "ace of diamonds" I just say WOW! in my mind it was the same card that I was holding in my hand It was awesome the people there was screaming and running all at the same time but I want to try another trick I was happy enough to try a trick that I didn't know if is going to work so I take the deck I turn over the 2 red aces I put the "ace of hearts" in the second place and the "ace of diamonds" on the bottom so if she say the ace of hearts I cut the cards and show that the ace is turn over (the same with the ace of diamond) of course without anyone watching but she said the "eight oh clubs" in my mind was like (sh*t) but I said watch slowly I did a charlie cut in front of everyone and when I spread the card the eight of clubs was in the middle of the red aces!! believe me I was more amazed than the spectators but I guess that this was something that this people will remember for the rest of their life. (sorry about my english) by the way you have to try this! someday someone will say the card your holding when it happens will be the best trick in your entire life..
  2. I did a similar thing with a guy at work.. Told him to think of any card, and he did.. I said it was the 7 of diamonds. At first he just siad- yes! So I thought he was kidding me.. But it turned out he really did think of that card and he went nuts about it for a week. Now I just don't hope that was a once in a lifetime experience cause I would really want to get that one again :)
  3. hahaha that's awesome I going to try that one :p
  4. haha that made me happy and excited just readying it. Good job man :D
  5. glad you like it, well I guess I didn't do anything it was just luck but thank you :)
  6. What if you could do this with roughly a 75% success rate?

    But yes, there are certainly a lot of good reasons and opportunities to take potshots like this, and take advantage of Lady Luck. Whenever you need a card selected and it doesn't matter if you see it... Leave a card in the box when you take your cards out. Check out the top and bottom cards. If it doesn't work, no-one is any the wiser. If it does - put away your deck, you're done. Well done!
  7. You almost can.

    Whenever I have someone select a card by just naming one instead of randomly selecting a card from a spread--like for Ambitious Card, French Kiss, Paperclipped, etc., where it's OK if the identity of the card is not a secret, I always ask a girl and I always make sure I have the Queen of Hearts on top. I'd say I have about a 50% or so hit rate that they name the Queen of Hearts, in which case I just say, "I don't want to do anything. I want you to do it. Turn over the top card." Everyone goes totally nuts, and that's usually where I stop my set if I can. If I can't just stop I take a break and just talk to them for a bit so it sinks in. If they name a different card it works out just fine because I was planning on doing a killer card effect with the card they named anyhow.

    Give it a shot when you have someone name a card. You'll be surprised by how often it hits and what an incredibly magical moment it is for your spectators. Take advantage of those "girls usually name the QoH" statistics!
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    Yes, I know, that was the point. I do it with any card named with about 75% accuracy at the moment without using one specific card repeatedly, and looking to get it more accurate. As a matter of fact, when it works, it will often work two or three times in a row, different cards each time. The point was to introduce the idea that such a thing is possible - and you don't have to leave it all to chance.
  9. Yeah, experiences like this are great. On one occasion I was at school and I just did a forced card revelation, basically just building it up and making myself feel like a god. Immediately after someone asked me what card they were thinking of. Normally I just "Psh, I don't care what card you're thinking of dude", just in a funny sort of way, but this time I just ran with intuition and said "Five of Diamonds". A perfect hit, I had a great time. What was even better was when immediately after THAT someone else says "oh yeah, well what card am I thinking of?", I could see it his eyes "Your not even thinking of a card", "DARN!". It was a ball.
  10. Thanks for the ideas Praetoritevong and Mat La Vore I didn't know I can use this as a real routine and believe me this is going to be in my arsenal because when this happens it kills.

    Hahaha I can imagine there's faces, very good man.
  11. That... is... GREAT! :D!!
  12. if you often perform jazz-magic stuff...and have cards named instead of selected,this will happen alot to you

    I once even did it twice in a row...and got pretty lucky

    I did something that I heard from derren brown....if you ask someone: "think of any card...but not an easy one that I could easily guess,like an ace or king or heart or something...make it really hard"
    a lot of the times people chose a low club,like the 3 or 4 of clubs

    I did that to a girl one time...and it worked,and she totally freaked out and wanted me to do it again...I refused to do it again in the beginning...but did it anyways then (I know it was stupid)
    the second time was a complete guess...but I knew she probably would go for a totally different card this a high red I took the king of hearts out,but noticed that the top card was the jack of diamonds....I then asked her to name her card,she named the jack of diamonds...I asked her to hold out her hand,and did a top change.
    I recaped the whole routine,and emphasized the impossibility and everything...and then I had her turn it over ;) great moment
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    All great stories :D

    I like it when 'luck' comes in.
    Me and my friend once asked a girl to name a card, and she said the queen of hearts. We did not place that card on top or something like that.
    We said something about ninja skills, and I did a card spring.
    My friend reached into the spring and took out a random card.
    Which happened to be the queen of hearts that we found with pure luck xD

    Great, GREAT reactions from the spectators

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