Best self created display... Anybody?

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by magicman2292, Sep 20, 2008.

  1. anyone wanna battle me for best self created display?


    must be self created

    no video editing (no titles, credits, slides, music..nothing)

    have fun...

    anyone up for it?
  2. COME ON!!! nobody wants to battle?
  3. I'm not entering this battle for three reasons:

    1. No music and no editing ruins the style of cardistry videos.
    2. Relating to reason #1, it seems that you're setting the rules to your advantage, because almost no one else does "no music" and "no editing" card videos these days.
    3. Seeing that you've been in this battle before, you'll probably use the same "Self-Created Display" again, either the same video or the same move. I've seen you do that before, with the self-created color change and the Ego Change.

    I'm really not trying to bash you, it's just that the rules you set and the things you've done in the past on these battle systems seems a little skewed to your advantage to me.
  4. actually, not using it to my advantage...because i simply SUCK at editing videos, so i dont want others to edit videos..becasue if they do, then they will surely get the vote based on the fact that they have a quality made video... and NO, i will not be using the same display video...and nowhere does it state in the rules that you cannot use the same video twice...
  5. I think I'll go for it.
  6. ok, lets go...hit me up with a challenge ...and please be sure to include the rules i stated in my post...


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