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What is the best smoke machine for its price

  1. SSS machine

  2. Vapr

  3. lynx smoke watch

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  4. pure smoke

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  5. mystery smoke

  6. smoke one

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  7. cloud 9

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  1. hello! I'm only 15 but I wanted to look for a good smoke machine to use in my routines. Most of the smoke machines are very expensive, but their are a few under $100. Unfortunately, most of the ones under $100 are for people who can setup their own smoke machine and know what they are doing (ex: SSS machine by Shin Lim). Honestly it doesn't matter too much if it requires long sleeves because I live in London now and its always cold. I've been looking at SSS machine, vapr, mystery smoke, cloud 9, pure smoke, lynx smoke watch, smoke one, and I'm wondering which one you would recommend for my situation. If you have any other recommendations, feel free to let me know. Thank you for any advice you can give!
  2. I don't know them all, but I can say that Pure Smoke has been a dud for me.
  3. VAPR unfortunately became a dud for me as well and I never got to use it in performance. It worked two times and now it no longer will produce smoke due to a heater coil problem if my suspicions are correct. Luckily David Bonsall has come up with a solution to fix it and I may purchase the solution from his site in the future because I really want to use smoke in my performances.
  4. I have SSS 2015 and highly recommend it. You won't be mobile with it but it's pretty reliable for getting smoke on a table.
  5. VAPR and Pure Smoke will have the same issues for reasons I can't go into. Pure Smoke has been discontinued, though.

    Cloud 9 is cool, but you'll have trouble setting it up on yourself from what I've heard - there's wire that will burn you if it's on or near your skin.

    A friend of mine got to try out the Lynx Smoke Watch, I think. He said it was really good, but it can be finicky. It's also a one-size thing, so if you have large wrists like he does, you can't use it. But he did say he liked it a lot.

    Haven't heard much about Mystery Smoke or Smoke One.

    As far as I can tell, all current smoke machines work more or less the same. A heating element of some sort, a blend of oil to produce smoke, some kind of fan or something to push the smoke out. The variations are how the oil is supplied, the design of the heating element, and the size of the fan. So the watches have tiny fans and usually you drip the oil onto the heater coil directly. Cloud 9 uses these special capsules I think.

    Anyway - I recommend looking on the Magic Cafe and reading through the various threads. Every time a new smoke device comes out it generates a huge amount of chatter comparing it to all the other ones.
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