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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by dejavu05, May 5, 2008.

  1. Hey everyone! I was making this thread to ask what the best stage/platform trick you have ever bought was. Which of your stage magic tricks do you almost always use in your performances. Any help would be appreciated since I am starting to get more into stage magic. Also, it doesn't matter if it is kid oriented or adult oriented, just the best stage magic trick you have ever bought. Thanks in advance!

  2. I usally perform a vanishing dump truck on stage....Seriously though, Zombie ball is a good cheap one...depending on the version could run you about 25 bux!
  3. you should look into metamorphosis... but the best trick that i ever saw on stage was when David Copperfield first made a correct prediction that was upraised onto a metal license plate and then had two guys hold these metal pillars (and close their eyes), and he quickly threw a sheet over it and whisked it away, what was on those two pillars none other than a huge car... he even went inside and turned on the engine... it was the most amazing thing i ever saw
  4. I've been interested in many stage illusions, but I never bought any because I wouldn't be so good on a stage.

    Look into Metamorphosis because it looks great, and I don't think it will run you too much money.

    There's also a trick that involves a person sitting down in a chair, putting a sheet over them, and making them disappear. I've seen it about 3 times.

    Criss Angel did it once, it was on Celebracadabra, and Stuart and Barry did it on youtube in front of a live audience. I don't know the technique, but you should look into it.
  5. The one that Copperfield did about sending a guy to hawaaii, I dont know how he vanishes the guy damn impressive..
  6. every vanish by copperfield is damn impressive

    but i agree...that one is especially nice
  7. I always liked Tellers (from the Pen & Teller duo) signature shadow rose routine.
  8. If I had the time and the energy I'd smash every Zombie ball on the planet with a hammer. Except for maybe Dale Salwak's. You're off the hook this time Salwak.

    Learn an impromptu or ungimmicked card stab with a kitchen knife or dagger. Plays huge, packs tiny.
    Learn good rope stuff. There are amazing rope routines out there and rope magic is REALLY out of fashion right now, which means it is EXACTLY the time to start performing it.

    If you're doing kids work the Magic coloring book is the best $10 you'll ever spend. If you're an adult working for adults I can tell you to make a really cool version with dirty magazines. :) Brings the house down with college kids.

    If you're looking for apparatus, the egg, lemon, canary cage is a winner.

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