Best Theory11 decks for cardistry (besides Monarchs)?

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  1. I’m sure that this is has been done before but I can’t seem to find the thread so I just created a new one. What do you guys think are the best Theory11 decks for cardistry? Right now I only have the Monarchs and the Artisans. The Artisans are gorgeous but the Monarchs just feel so right. So I want to know which people recommend that I check specifically for the feel of cardistry.
  2. Every theory11-printed deck is printed on the same stock and with the same finish. They will all handle approximately the same. The biggest key is going to be the design. Pick the design that fits your style when performing. When practicing, it does not matter much.


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  3. Thank you so much for replying! But I’d actually have to disagree with my experience so far. I have the red and blue monarchs and the black and white artisans. I got the artisans because they are absolutely gorgeous but they don’t really feel too great. The monarchs felt like they were already broken in, both decks. I haven’t touched the white artisans yet because I’m too busy admiring their beauty but the black ones still feel “brand new”. I wondered if they needed to be broken in a bit but it’s been quite awhile now and they still just don’t have that feel. I can’t explain it. But they are SO gorgeous.
    Have you ever had this issue before?
  4. There are environmental factors at play that can affect how a card feels. While all of our cards are factually printed on the same stock with the same finish, they can feel different due to humidity levels and temperatures when the stock is made, printed on, or stored. Our warehouses are climate controlled, so for the most part you won't see a lot of difference there. The main factor is often where YOU store your decks (and the humidity and temperature there) and the conditions of the deck as it travels to you or how it is stored at the non-theory11 retailer you purchase it from.

    Monarch deck #1 and Monarch deck #2, printed a split second apart on the same roll of stock, can have quite a different feeling if they are stored differently between the time of printing and the time of use. That said, within the margin of error created by climate conditions, our decks are going to all feel approximately the same, and you won't find that, for example, Artisans are consistently more flexible than Medallions, or anything like that. YOUR specific decks might be that way, but they are all identically made.

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  5. Is it possible that the paint for the design makes a difference? I know they’re made on the same paper but Artisans look like they have different paint than the monarchs do. Almost like there’s slightly more.
  6. Possible for the ink to make some difference, but it won't make up the majority of the difference in feeling.

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  7. Funny thing, I sat there and played with both monarch decks. And they feel similar. Then I played with my black Artisans and they still felt weird. Then I opened up my new deck of white Artisans and they felt pretty good, similar to the monarchs. So idk why my black Artisans feel so weird to me. Could just be something to do with the packaging and traveling to target and then to my home.
    Either way I’m happy with my cards, they are all so beautiful.

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