Best Thumb Tip for Bill Switches?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Enzo, Feb 25, 2011.

  1. Hello people! I just want to ask what is the best thumb tip for Bill Switches?
  2.`s how it`s done...

    seriously edit this or delete the thread...
  3. Ignore Luis Vega. The best thumb tip for stuff like that are the non rubber ones. Thumb tip for switching stuff like that are the hard plastic ones. They work the best. The rubber ones create friction; therefore, it is hard to slide stuff around. The most important thing is that make sure that you get the thumb tip that is bigger than your thumb, so you can fit your thumb in it while it stuffed.

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  4. To be honest I had no idea how that trick was done...and now I have half idea...

    Revealing tricks..even by accident it`s not good...the best way to do it...was to ask if somebody had this trick and then proceed to send him a PM...
  5. I agree with Luis Vega. I think he should have done either what Luis said, or left out the name of the effect he was asking and just asked about thumb tips in general (I don't see that being that bad) and drawn a conclusion from that. But that is good insight on thumb tips, Shinichikudo992000.
  6. edit or delete the post..
  7. Using thumb tip is just one method you can thought of. There are a lot of better methods taught in the DVD. I don't think this is exposure. If it is, tell me how to delete this thread.
  8. I think it's exposure. Just like Luis, I now know how a substantial portion of the trick is done.

    For now, press the edit button below your first post, delete all the words. PM Casey or one of the forum moderators and they'll delete the thread/close it.

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