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    Ok, guys, I know that there are many threads about this, but this one is very specific, and I need a solid answer FAST.
    So, in terms of practicality, surroundability (angles), fairness, set up (if there is any), difficulty, and best reactions, which is the best torn and restored EVAR?

    These are the ones I am thinking of purchasing:

    Counterfeit Hollingworth by Wayne Houchin:

    Star by Dave Forrest:

    Holy Grail by Jordan Johnson:

    The T&R Project by Huron Low (2 disc set): and

    What are the pros and cons of these effects? I've heard great things about all of these effects, so it's hard to decide which one to purchase.
  2. Star is very clean and the method is easy to remember, also signed card, unlike counterfeit hollingworth. The best part of star is when you show your hands empty, most TnR are very angle sensitive
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    Ok, thanks. That's one point for star.
  4. And you also forgot Torn by Daniel Garcia, and by far my favorite "Ripped and Fryed" from TA DVD.
    Btw, the Star looks nice, but it looks like the card can be signed only on 1/4 of the card.
  5. I don't have $300 to spare, but it does look nice. :)
  6. My torn and restored corner will hit the market shortly. It's the only t&r corner where the card can be cleanly displayed front and back before, during, and after the tear. The card is signed and after the corner is ripped off, it's initialed. I think you guys will like it!
  7. It's not the ONLY t&r "the card can be cleanly displayed front and back before, during, and after the tear."

    There are several out there that fit this criteria already, but it is nice criteria.
  8. Seriously guys, does anyone know which of these effects that I mentioned can be performed surrounded, and is practical? Holy Grail looks the best, but I'm also concerned that it has some sort of impossible-to-make gimmick. Please tell me that I'm wrong.
  9. Holy grail , no, if you like to make gaff card , ok , but i prefer no gimmick, like "Reformation", about the angles, no one is perfect so , you want to do this for strolling, table hopping, stage ?
  10. I said it was the only T&R corner...

    Anyway, check out Cameron Francis' Rehab. Uber practical with great angles.
  11. Well, mostly strolling, and close-up performances. I plan to start busking soon, but I feel like I need at least one torn and restored card. So what you're saying is that holy grail is impractical?
  12. Then I would get Torn or Rehab. Both can be used for strolling and usually the set up for both takes around 30 seconds to a min at the most. (which you could set a bunch at home before you go to your gig.
  13. I've been using REF4M lately. It's not the best T&R but it's impromptu, uses only 1 card and the card can be signed. Plus you can perform it completely surrounded.
  14. Wordcountzzz
  15. not practical to make ,and the you have to go back to the deck to clean off
    take a look at David Williamson's torn and restored transpo
  16. From what I can tell so far, is that as far as the fairest TnR looks, it would be STAR, and Counterfeit Hollingworth. I've seen STAR recently and I thought it looked very nice, the only downside of it, is that it seems the spectator can only sign a corner, and not the whole card. I really liked Counterfeit Hollingworth, because he actually turned around and showed you what he was doing...and I did not expect that at all! I was like...what?! Because, almost every TnR that I have seen, they will show you the card in 3 pieces after they put it back together, but he actually shows himself putting on the 3rd piece, which I thought was just nuts. I am very impressed by both STAR and Counterfeit Hollingworth.

    The question would really have to be, which one is easier to learn? I mean, if I can learn STAR in a week, or Counterfeit Hollingworth in a month, or vice versa, that is most likely the one I am going to go with. They both accomplish the same effect, and both look extremely clean, so it all boils down to, which is easier to learn, and get performing with the effect ASAP.

    Also, a big thanks to towcheeze for uploading a video of Counterfeit Hollingworth. If Mr. Houchin is reading this, I think you would sell tons more of your DVD if you uploaded that video for everyone. I know the trick is officially unreleased, and only available quantity's it looks amazing, and the world should really see it!

    Also, another side note, I did not like the Rehab at all, it was okay...but I mean it's not clean at all, whenever you have to teach in your pockets multiple times and can't show your hands empty, that's never a good thing, also wtf was up with the dude in the nuclear suit? That's just weird and made me like the effect even less.
  17. I really think the Paul Harris effect that David Blaine did for Tyra Banks is the best. I had his AOA books and it was in there but I can't remember the name of the effect. I prefer magic that isn't so visual because then that takes away what the spectator should be doing in their minds. In other words, I think what they can think of in their head is something much bigger than anything I ever do. That's why I like PH's TNR because it all happens TWICE in the spec's hands. They don't SEE it happen but they KNOW it happened in their hand. Very very powerful and much more powerful than a visual TNR in my opinion. That's always the card effect people freak out over and tell others about or want me to repeat for new people.
  18. I wouldn't get The Holy Grail. I bought it 3 years ago and still have yet to perform it to a live audience. Making the gimmick gaff card is a pain in the butt, not to mention the actual card you restore can't be handed for examination, you do switch it however. But still, the restoration is beautiful, but the method is EXACTLY what most laymen think it is.
  19. Wayne just sold out of counterfeit hollingworth :(((

    Why can't Wayne lecture in Los angeles... *sigh*

    I'm wayy to indecisive about buying magic products. Give me a second chance Wayne!!!

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