Best trick for a mobile phone?

Nov 13, 2019
Hello everyone!

I had taken a break from the magic scene, but now I'm getting back into it I wondered what the mobile phone best paid tricks are at the moment with techonlogy advancing.
I've only been away for a year but I know there was a few people trying some near-field communication stuff, and I was also very tempted to get Anyweb or one other trick where a prediction shows up on your instagram feed?

Has there been any major break-throughs, or if I was to pay for an app/mobile phone related trick that didn't require any extra carry what would be advised? I had to quick look around and Cognito seems like a good effect?

Any help is appreciated! :)
Jan 2, 2016
Oh man this is my area. I love phone magic.

There's a couple free ones that you could check out:
- WebFX
- Echolocation (if you have Airpod Pros)

Anyway, in terms of paid apps, the ones I like are:
- Digital Force Bag
- Wikitest (this has some NFC functionality)
- Earworm
- Timeline
- Xeno
- Toxic+/iThump

I don't own them but I've also heard good things about Picasso Pro, Inject 2,Inertia Pro, and Streets Pro.

These are all great tricks where (to me) the fact that you're using a phone feels secondary to the effect. In quite a few of them that I listed, it happens almost entirely on their phone.

There's also some impromptu phone tricks like the classic Toxic force and iCurveball which can technically be done on any phone. I've also heard good things about Blake Vogt's phone vanish.
Sep 1, 2007
The Hermit Magic Magazine has published a few ideas using SIRI (SIRIously Mental by Michael Pilkey and Google Knows All by Scott Baird, March 2022, Vol.1 No.3) or your phone's Google Assistant if you have an Android phone (A Tune Ahead by Scott Baird, August 2022, Vol.1 No.8, or an idea hidden in the article Examining the Vanishing Bandana, also by me, September 2022, Vol.1 No.9).

These routines don't require any apps to be downloaded or anything like that- you can set them up with your phone and always be ready to perform.

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