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  1. Hey guys,
    Of all the tricks taught in the Trilogy, which is your favorite? I personally like Deja Vu. Deja Vu was the first trick I've seen where two sandwiches switch places and doesn't take as much skill as some other tricks out there. Any other favorites? Do you like it because it's easy, looks easy, looks smooth, looks hard, or because it's really practical and could be performed easily in a real-world situation? Whatever your reason, just give you favorite trick and why you like it... Maybe we'll find #1.
  2. Personally, i think dan and dave's tricks are somewhat impractical, tivo 2.0 looks good on camera, i never do it for live audiences,

    if i had to pick one trick, it would be either the queens or hofzzy osborne
  3. I have done tivo 2.0 in front of a live audience, the reactions are better than you think you should get. so I enjoy that you. i also like subway alot, anytime, any deck, anywhere, really good and practical. the last move gets fudged from time to time but the card is stil sandwiched so its all good.
  4. Subway is a good quick-trick, but by far the best and most visual in the set to me is Deja Vu. VERY visual. VERY fast. VERY confusing. The change they do is knacky, but its an awsome effect that gets great reactions.
  5. amen bro...amen..
  6. My personal favorite is hand to mouth.

    I love putting it into an ACR, and it's the first trick I pull out if someone tosses me a deck of cards and says to show them something. So simple and I love it when they look up and there's that second where they're comprehending what's dangling from my mouth, hahah.
  7. I agree with smith_cj. Subway is my favorite trick. It gets really great reactions. And the first thing they think is that there's a dup.
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    I agree with most of you, Subway is definitely an awesome effect, but if I had to choose one I would choose Queens. I don't know why, I just really like the trick, and it's so fun to perform.
  9. Hoffzy Osbourne is really the best in my opinion.
    There are alot of climaxes.
  10. I like collectors, I know there are a lot of variations of the effect, but this is my favorite by far. It is just so visual and I get pretty good reactions with it.j
  11. Twinsplit remix
    fission for aces
    hofzzy osourne
    the queens
    swiss made
  12. Subway and Hoffzy Osbourne
  13. I like card to mouth and Deja Vu. Except, I adapted my own handling to card to mouth to fit my style better, because the twirly flourish looks suspicious coming from me, and I also changed a few other things. Also, card to mouth makes people laugh a lot, and laughing is good as long as it doesn't humiliate my victim-- I mean assistant.
  14. Deja Vu is the best one, hands down. Its visual, hits hard, and has good angles.
    Second to that would be The Queens. Its a little more angle sensitive but people really go "WOW" everytime a queen vanishes.

    Personally, I think Subway isn't the best trick because it goes by a little too fast :p
  15. i agree. i also like tivo transpo
  16. Hofzzy Osbourne is my favorite.

    The trick involves the audience throughout and the magic occurs in their hands. There are numerous tricks within Hofzzy Osbourne itself -- waving the aces over the deck causes one ace to turn face-down, a card in the deck also turns face-down which reveals the value of the spectator's selected card, one of the face-down aces transforms into the spectator's selection while the four aces are in the hands of the spectator, etc. It's like Here then There -- which is my favorite trick, but that's for another thread -- on steroids.

    Plus, it has a wicked awesome name that's pretty hard spell correctly. ;)

  17. My favourate is Subway, second favourate is Collectors, third favourate is The queens.
  18. Nice Question ....soo....what is my favourite trick on the trilogy? hmmmm.

    I´d like to say that the Tivo´s are not as hard to do in front of spectators as you think. Just try to find the same angle as the Twins do in their Performance.
    I was doing Tivo 2.0 in front of my teacher and ..she was screaming, when I snapped against the top card to make it change ;)
    With Tivo Transpo it is the same thing BUT first of all you HAVE TO pracitise it until you are able to do it reeeeaaaalllly elegant as it is meant to be. I think this is the Main Difference between the two Tivo´s. Tivo 2.0 is right in your face and the Tivo Transpo is very elegant....especially if you do it the way it is meant to be done and without any variations on the change. I was doin it for a stranger in front of the cinema and i got my popcorn for free than ;P

    So on visuality ...i think this two are unbeatable. But it is kinda hard to say that they are the best ones, or my favourites. For every Audience i got another trick fitting to ´em as my favourite Trick.

    I really love Subway becuz it looks OUUU so natural for spectators and there can´t be a possible way for the card to switch packets. Everytime got great reactions with it.

    The Queens and Twinsplit Remix are THE two Tricks on the Trilogy I ONLY perform for audiences, that I want to show how BADASS I am :D
    I was pracitising the Clipshift and the original 3 restoration for about 2 months or so and now The Queens and Twinsplit Remix are my personal Asskickers for special people. lolz

    So ...I think these five are my favourites. If I would have to choose one beside the others i would say....hmmmm....Tivo 2.0...but im not sure ^^
  19. mine is either subway or tivo. Both are quick and straight foward.
  20. i do hand to mouth 24/7
    imo its the best, all of that genre of trick are amazing

    ie. coin in eye or whatever, all those heavy misdirection tricks

    and subway is a beast

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