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  1. Hello, I was wondering what y’all think the top 5 downloads are on T11 for under ten bucks, preferably card but any work. Thanks. Hopson :)
  2. Phantom is fantastic, in my (amateur) experience.
  3. Lol following thread ..
  4. following: how about make this thread a bit wider for best card tricks under $10 on the entire internet
  5. Scarne on Card Tricks - Each amazing trick is around $.15.
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  6. We should never limit the scope of magic to just 'card tricks'! I realize that many on this website are primarily into card magic. Yet, I also know that many of us on here also do many other types of put no further limitations on questions like these...
  7. ?
    I'm not sure I understand your statement.. are you asking people not to ask for just card magic tricks ?
  8. Of course not, what I am saying is on 'open ended questions' like this include card tricks and other tricks, not limiting the ideas to one form or another....
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  9. Ah :)
    Makes sense .
    Since I just started my self , I'm going through YouTube videos trying to learn the basics , then hitting up the inexpensive ones .. then start paying for the expensive ones lol
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  10. Getting started is difficult and can be very costly. When I started on here, many of the good 'ole' (referring to experience, not age) magicians gave me the advise to by books, used when possible. Most of these books provide the newbies with many good tricks you can learn at home for very little money (try to find them used on eBay or Amazon. This alone gets one started learning many of the basic moves one must learn to have a good show....below are some books I really have learned from. Some really good tricks to learn early on, that are not terribly hard are also noted below....have fun, don't spend a ton of money buying 'tricks' for a while...learn basic good tricks from books and save lots of cash for later.....I avoid looking at U-Tube as much of the 'Magic shown' does not use good techniques, and learning tricks using a tried and true technique helps one build on the magic you learn. If you learn the basics wrong, it will haunt you for a long time as you more to more complex applications....I have been there, done that!

    Books: Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic (I found used on eBay, My best first book, covers most types of magic), The illustrated Compendium of Magic Tricks by Nicholas Einhorn (Another good starter with good illustrations for 375 tricks), Card College Volume one by Robert Giobbi's (a great detailed starter on card handling and card magic)

    Good Starter Tricks
    Sponge Balls (learn how in the books, sponge balls are low cost props)
    Self Working Card Tricks and Card Handling (From above books)
    Rope Tricks (Professors Nightmare, and Cut and Restored Rope)
    Cups and Balls
    Chop Cup

    Good luck
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  11. I picked up expert at the card table , royal road and 13 steps to metalisim .
    But I'll look your list up. I hate reading but this is a small sacrifice I'll need to do to be able to get better .
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  12. Most of these books you do not have to "read" cover to cover. Read over the introduction and then go to an area or specific trick and read that part....much more fun than just reading....
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  13. The best stuff requires reading. We read pages and pages and pages on forums, yet struggle to pick up a book (I'm often the same way).

    The best bang for the dollar as David points out is in books. Then individual tricks are great to fill in your act. But don't just learn from buying individual tricks - that's bad money management. So from just a financial standpoint, it's wise to learn from books. I started by going to the library and getting EVERYTHING they had out (they even had some DVD's). I easily learned enough to start performing in the restaurant.

    That said, perhaps the OP has more money than they know what to do with. In that case, Cointum Leap is a worker for me that I do all the time at gigs. *cough,*shameless plug*cough*
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  14. I like reading books and have a nice collection of them.

    But books on magic are something a lot different to normal books, as it's been mentioned above already, you don't have to read all magic books cover to cover.

    I have about 10-11 books that cover everything from self working card tricks to some more slightly advanced tricks (as in mark wilson's complete course in magic)

    Some of the books i have i am slowly making my way through but others i am jumping from trick to trick seeing what they are like and how they work.

    Doing it that way i am actually finding tricks that i never really had interest in before or didn't understand could work until i read about them in said books.
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