Best Variation For Sybil Cut?

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  1. Hey, so right now i know the most barebones version of sybil and Five Faces of Sybil but I would like to know the best variation of it?
  2. try learning x sybil by jonas. its awesome.. you can also add anothe rpacket by ur chest or chin like DM. after sybil learn madonna cus u can switch between them pretty easily
  3. Yeah, If you purchase Daniel Madison's DVD Dangerous it teaches 3 or so variations of Sybil, including an arial version, a tornado-cut style and one against the chin. He also teaches a 4 card ace production from a Sybil which i use heaps
  4. Make your own,the sybil has a fairly simple concept,easy to adapt and easy to make a variation.
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    I love the classic What the Hell Happened to Sybil by Brian Tudor. Jonas' X Sybil is also very nice.

    All of Dan and Dave's Madonna moves are great variations of the Sybil, as well, and Jackson 5 by Dan and Dave is a hoot.

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