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  1. Hey, everyone. I'm fairly new to Cardistry, and I while I'm progressing rather quickly, I took my first look into the mirror today, and watched some tricks I've been practicing from the on-looker's perspective, so to speak. I noticed that the contrast between the white fronts and the often darker patterns on the back of the cards looks really stunning when done with fluidity of motion. My question is this: what are a few REALLY nice decks that would really pop out when time comes to show off my new flourishes? I know the JAQK Red Decks are gorgeous to see in motion, so I am hunting down a few decks of those since they're sold out here on Theory11. But, what are a couple more I should get my mitts on?

    Thanks in advance for any help I get - and I'll be all over this site in the days/weeks/months to come! Very cool stuff here.
  2. The artisans might be just what you are looking for! or if you're looking for something exotic the artifice series of ellusionist are also an option...
    Best of luck!
  3. The virt's have a deck available for preorder. It really looks beautiful with whatever flourish you are doing and it was designed specifically for cardistry.
  4. Thanks! I have a couple decks of the Artisans on my list now. They look like they'll be serious eye-catchers. Thanks again!
  5. @magicat - I just went and peeped those virts. VERY cool stuff - just pre-ordered a few decks. Good lookin' out!
  6. Since you're new to cardistry, these decks might be a little out of your reach, but Wynns and Jerrys Nuggets absolutely look the best for everything you might do with them.

    As for less rare decks, I'd go simplistic or fancy custom decks, simplistic being something like white lions, and popular custom decks are those by t11, Rebels, Monarchs, Sentinels etc, from Ellusionist, Arcane, Infinity, Artifice, all those kinds of decks.
  7. @Wyatt - thanks for the info. I actually have a few decks of the Brown Wynn's, and I've heard about the Jerry Nuggets - but they seem to come with a rather hefty price tag. I did just purchase some of the JAQK Red cards from a guy locally, so I am going to pick those up today. Monarchs are also in my basket. Thanks for the info - between the Virt's deck, the JAQK's, the Monarchs and the Artisans, I should be able to find one that satisfy's my needs. I've been practicing with Bicycle Rider Back blue's for a few months, and while they handle pretty well, and have a good feel - they lack the visual "catch" that some of these other decks look to offer. Looking forward to seeing how these other decks handle, as well. Thanks!
  8. wynns
    absolut vodka
    smoke and mirror v3
  9. @cardisrty26370 - thank you. The Stud decks look tight. I may have to try them out...
  10. After doing some serious looking around, I've settled on 3 decks: JAQK Red, Virts, and Sentinals. I may also pick up some Monarch blacks, and some Artisans. Thanks for all the suggestions, and I'll be looking back at this thread to see what others have to say along the way....
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    Here are some decks i see a lot in Cardistry videos.
    Tally-Ho Circle Back, Aviator, all Smoke & Mirrors, Aladdin 1001, Bee Wynn, Jerry`s Nugget, Dunes, Ace Fulton`s Casino (mostly orange), Fulton`s Chinatown, Fulton`s Clip Joint, NOC, Bee Standard, Bee Erdnase, Bee Stingers, Bee Watermelon, Massa, Magic Con V2, Absolut Vodka, Monarchs, Charity Water, Players+Rounders by Daniel Madison, Split Spades, White Lions, Bicycle 125th Anniversary Edition.
    Personally i also like the Karnival Death Heads, Skull & Bone Black, The Mystery Deck, Bee Acorn and from Bicycle: Fashion Green, Dragon Back (red), Eco Edition, but normally i don`t like the Rider Back designs for Cardistry.
    All in all in the new school, modern artistic Cardistry videos i mostly see decks with a big circle or a rectangle with decent design in it. If there are blue and red version from the same deck, most cardists choose the blue ones.

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