Best way to greet Bride and Groom?

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  1. What way do you greet the Bride and Groom? The first time they see you, you will be performing. But then there is that time you first meet the two people that booked you. Do you give them both a handshake and say congratulations and go into a trick. Or I have seen some give the Bride a handshake and a kiss on the cheek and a handshake to the Groom saying congratulations both times. This one personally I like. But I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous doing it. I would just like the to hear how you do it? I like to get a photo of the 3 of us after the trick if it seems ok to ask.
  2. Hey! I feel like this would come down to personal preference, but I think that your handshake and congratulations with a small trick is a great route to go, though.
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  3. When I am hired to perform strolling at a wedding, all of the talking/booking is done prior to the event, months and then again days ahead of time. This day is about them not you. You are in the background entertaining guests and making sure everyone (especially the people who aren't dancing and just sitting at tables) I don't ever and don't plan on ever kissing the bride on the cheek nor have I asked for a photo op with them. However; see the last paragraph regarding photos ;)

    You have to remember that they are being pulled in a million different directions by many people and they are stressed out a bit. Performing for them (the bride and groom) should definitely wait until the dancing and music and reception has started as pictures and cocktail hour all happen prior to the meal. The bridge and groom barely have enough time to even enjoy their meal and visiting guests at tables.

    BEST piece of advice so listen: MAKE FRIENDS with the PHOTOGRAPHER and give them your business card and offer to give them a free gig/bday party show for their child, niece, nephew, etc. In exchange all that you ask is for about 8 to 10 good shots of you performing at tables or for guests with you in the picture and right at the moment of astonishment where the entire table is clapping or in disbelief. Have these emailed to you with their permission, and put those suckers on your website and social media.
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  4. Seems like someone who hires you for a wedding reception or maybe for the dinner prior to the wedding day, would want to meet you and see you perform a bit first....if they do not ask for this meeting, you might offer to come over and meet them and show them a bit of your performance.....that way, you are done with all the formalities, prior to the gig...
  5. This seemingly simple idea, this recommendation, is far more valuable than you can imagine! Brilliant, @RickEverhart
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  6. You are welcome ;) Some of us have been doing this nearly 20 years ha ha.
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  7. DO NOT.. I repeat DO NOT throw rice in their face. Apparently it hurts...
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  8. Unless it's cooked rice. But then the Asian bride and/or groom will be horrified that you are wasting food! :D
  9. Great advice Rick.

    I love performing at weddings. They are the best.
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