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  1. Is it just me or do these cards really suck? Everybody seems to love them, but I just picked some up and they are horrible. It's not humid where I live or anything, but they're already clumping on me. They're also printed horribly off-center. Considering the price of these, I was expecting more. Anybody else have the same problem or did I get a bad one or something?
  2. did you get them from t11?
  3. I can't vouch for the decks sold in mainstream retail stores (I haven't personally handled those), but every deck I have opened has been great, albeit with the normal deviations in border thickness that is expected from one deck to another. Love the feel and finish, though, and have had no issues with clumping whatsoever in New York City.

    All of the 125 decks sold and distributed by theory11 are pre-release decks from the first edition printing, so the quality should be top notch.
  4. 125

    Mine are amazing. I love the finish and the way they look. It brings you back to the old school days with 2010 quality.
  5. Well, I haven't had any of these, but they seem great. I recently went to a magic shop and they had em for sale. They were 7 dollars without the wrapper and 10 with... So I decided not to get any, so I don't know. But they seem really nice
  6. Seriously? I went to Target and saw these decks for only $3.99. I picked up two of them.
  7. yeah, the ones i got from target arent great. no better than regular bikes
  8. I got mine at Target, but I thought the ones from Theory 11 were the same.
  9. Also got mine from Target. They clump pretty horribly after about a week of handling.

    Might have to try some of T11s, because I really like the design.
  10. I think all of the cards from theory11 are different from what you get from target/walmart/the grocery store. I just bought some Guardians from the local supermarket, and they feel nothing like the ones from theory11.
  11. Dang! That's CRAZY!

    My friend bought a deck like the DAY they came out. He had them for a LONG time and kept playing with them... Everyday, dropping them, spilling stuff on them... Everything.

    He kept telling me "They STILL feel GREAT! You GOTTA try these!"

    I didn't believe him, but I got a few packs anyway (from T11).

    Well, now around 2 and a half months of EVERYDAY use (dropping, spilling stuff... Having audience members shuffle them) they STILL feel PERFECT. RIGHT out of the box. Crazy.

    I love these cards.

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