Bicycle Eco Edition & Limited Edition Series Reviews

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  1. First the Eco's:

    So I was walking through Wal-Mart last week, and look what I came across, a deck of hippie cards:

    eco 1.jpg

    eco 2.jpg

    Apparently these cards are made from recycled materials, and the box, cards, all is also recyclable. As you can see, the box is literally a cardboard box. (I actually think it is studier than regular boxes, lol). The cards are an olive green, somewhat like the tactical bicycles. The red cards are green instead of red.
    As for the cards themselves, the feel of them is a bit.....different. Although their themes are quite opposite, they actually handle similiar to Propagandas. Imagine Propagandas, just more flexible. In my opinion, too flexible.
    You would imagine that they wouldn't fan very well, but they do:

    eco 5.jpg

    Fan just like regular Bikes.

    The court cards are also green, the black ones are green and black, the red ones are green and yellow:

    eco 3.jpg

    The regular faces of the cards are smaller, and a bit different from regular USPCC faces. You have to look close:

    eco 4.jpg
    Ecos are to the right. Regular to the left.

    Final Thoughts: If you are a card collector, get these. If you are one of those people who are all about "going green," then you probably already have these, but get them if you don't. Don't get them if you don't like flexible cards.
    Oh yeah, these cards cost about $3.87. Kinda backwards when you think about it, but they are more expensive than regular bikes.
  2. Bicycle Limited Edition Series 1 Review

    Now for the Limited Edition:

    Apperently these cards are somewhat rare, I've never seen them in Wally-World before.


    limited 2.jpg

    My favorite thing about these cards is the box. I think it is cooler looking than the cards, which kinda look like they were pencil-ed in. I don't really care for the back design; when spread they sort of have a lightsaber-like effect:

    limited 3.jpg

    limited 4.jpg

    Handling wise, you guessed it, just regular bikes. So nothing special here. I say buy these cards for the rarity, if you aren't into collecting cards, don't be drawn in by the ghost-deck like box. With all that said, these cards were actually a dollar cheaper than the Eco Edition. But they are two dollars cheaper than the ghost deck....
  3. i found thoes cards in 2 walmarts
    check the party supplies aisle
    i bought a few decks.
    and they are great

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