Bicycle Guardians Deck Should Go Black

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by onug, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. I Think It would be awsome if thid deck went black, if the border was black and it fades into the main design. Also if the front looks like negatives, were the white is black and the black is white, but the red could stay as it is. It would also be cool if the royal cards were just white and black instead of the colors!!! The black guardian deck would looks so cool and work perfectly with LOOPS!!!!!!!!!!!!:eek:
  2. its called tally ho viper deck....same idea pretty much....

    plus they wouldnt be guardians anymore. theyd be...uh..something else.


  3. It would be awsome
  4. the actual guardians work with LOOPS
  5. Honestly thats a studid Idea.

    This isn't Ellusionist.

    Buy a sharpie if you want it black so bad.
  6. You know, I remember when the Guardians first came into the picture and all that anyone of us saw was the box. I remember having the notion that they were going to be a black deck, and I'll be honest...when I opened my first deck of 1st editions way back then that it was a little bit of a let down seeing how they were bordered and white.

    But to be completely honest. I love the Guardians the way they are now, and I don't want them to change too much if they even do under go some kind of change.

    I have yet to perform anything with LOOPS with them, but I will soon enough!

    Shane K.
  7. I like the deck the way they are. I think the white gives a good contrast to the cards and make them unique to the deck.

    But, that's just my take on it...
  8. You can totally use loops with the guardian decks (and any deck for that matter)....just use the Clear (and now Opaque) Silk Worm IET. You'd have to tie your own loops, but that's not too difficult.
  9. Eh, not too shabby.

  10. I totally agree!!!! even though it would be a copy of E decks. I would prefer black because then fans would look more even from the back side.

    the FACES don't have to be black. just the backs. But I'd be down with black faces too I guess if I could get a black back!!!

    t11 guys... are you listening... ?
  11. uh.....yeah....that looks REDICULOUSLY awesome. I don't know what the big deal is with having a white border...personally I like back designs that take up the entire back (like the Texan deck which is really hard to find)....when fanned, they look AMAZING.

    How's about something different for the faces?? How about silver metallic instead of white.......kind of the like the limited edition Bicycle set in Gold and Silver.....those things fan like silk covered in butter.......CRAZY SEXY cards (did I just call cards sexy....oh man )
  12. I am not trying to be mean or anything, but if you take an original deck like the Guardians and change just about everything. You no longer have Guardians. You will have another custom deck.

    To say the Guardians should have all the changes you suggest would be to create a new product.

    I can sit here and tell you how many cool improvements or changes I think a Honda Civic should have until I basically designed a new BMW. You are not talking about an improvement, but a product change. A new product.

    Know what I mean?
  13. Fair enough :)

    So maybe I'm describing a new Guardians....maybe a special edition promotional deck or something....which has been done before very successfully.

    I agree....i wasn't talking about changing it.....but instead about a different deck altogether.
  14. Shadow Master deck . . . . . it's coming tomorrow. Probably better quality as well.
  15. yeah, i totally agree. the white border on the back loos strange. I would either just fade it in black or have a small pinstripe between the black border and the rest of the back.

    regular (or duochromatic like they are now) faces though. I don't want the deck to be some rediculously tricked out black deck. just a nice classy looking one (which it basically is, though I'm not a big fan of the white border)

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