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  1. hello I got some bicycle guadians for christmas and ive opened about 4/5 decks and all of them there is one little defect that is driving me crazy with all my guardians....there all curved its just slightly but it is so much harder for me to control where my hands are if any theory11 artists could post a response to why this problem is present that would be great

  2. It seems the other custom cardz of the same brand have the same problem. I think it has something to do with the card stock that they use to make these sweet looking things.

    Anyway, not much you can do.

    This is the one reason I tend to stick with the original red/blue bicycle deck. I once in awhile pull these custom cards out for doing simple magic tricks.
  3. You could purchase a Joe Porper Card Clip if you do not have one. If you ask a very large number of magicians what they recommend it would most likely be that. It has a nice solid black design with his signature on the edge all though there are other models of clips this one is the best in my opinion. It it very durable, and is a bit pricey at $30.00 from most sources, but is definitely worth it I believe.
    Good Luck finding a solution,

    Also, If you play with the deck a lot it does begin to subside and even out a bit.
  4. This happens with most cards, it's called the Click Bend, or Card Warp. If you don't have a Porper clip like AceofSpades already suggested pick one up and it will help immensly.

    If your cheap (like me) simply place the cards under a bunch of books, with some weights or something fairly large and heavy on top. It should make them flat but, they will still bend if you use them alot.

  5. also... bend them the OPPOSITE way... do some springs and stuff.

    it might have something to do with your climate. different inks on each side of the card react in different ways. one of them stretches more than the other (contracts) and that maybe makes it curve to one way.

    so, your options are:

    1. deal with it (pun intended)

    2. move to a different climate

    3. buy some shadow masters
  6. Yeah, I Forgot To Mention The Proper Clip. Like Everyone Said You Could Get One Of These Or Just Stick Them Under Something Heavy.

    But, I Think You're Referring To The Cards Bending While You Are Performing, Right?

    If This Is The Case Then There's Really Not Much You Can Do Except Bend Them The Opposite Way After You're Done.
  7. It's called a Porper Clip, and RebelAce has hit it right on the nose. If you don't own a card clip, stick the deck(s) under a really heavy book for a while. If that doesn't work, then try to break the decks in. Broken in decks usually don't retain click bends (in my experience).


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