Bicycle Pluma Deck.

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  1. So recently I was at the store and walked to the card section as I normally do but I never really expect much to come from it, this trip surprised me and I came in contact with Bicycle Pluma Deck. The deck came in two colors, a light blue and sort of peach or light orange color. The deck design is very well put together and handles like a normal Bicycle Deck, the ace is designed specially and looks very good. Overall I really like this deck and impressed with it.

    Also a quick question, has anyone seen Street Art deck in sores yet? If so where did you see it, I am curious and want to own some.

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  2. An actual review:

    This deck is available at Walmart stores for $2.99 each.

    They come in two versions: blue and orange.
    The blue is a light and somewhat desaturated blue (almost a "slate blue").
    The orange is a light/pale orange which I would compare to a "Creamsicle" ice pop (maybe a little lighter).
    The back design visible on the back of the box is accurate to the colors; the bolder, vivider box colors on the front & sides are not.

    The back design is florid, more detailed than Bicycle Rider Backs. There is a white boarder.
    Each of the card faces is custom and are not standard Bicycle faces. White is the base color of the faces.
    The 4 suits' pips are custom, and the font for the letters & numbers is custom as well.
    The court cards' pictures are the Bicycle standard, with the custom font, and themed in the deck's specific color (blue or orange).
    The Jokers are the standard Bicycle big & little (with the Guarantee) Jokers; they aren't duplicate Jokers like many Theory 11 decks have.
    The Ace of Spades has a custom big spade, but it's just filled in with the fancy pattern copied & enlarged from the center of the backs of the cards, in the deck's color.

    They handle like normal Bicycle 808s: air-cushioned finish, similar thickness, similar bendy-ness, and semi-rough edges. Right out of the box after a few shuffles I then went to do a Faro and that was not going to happen without ruining the edges. Bleh.

    My opinions
    Neat deck.
    If you're a collector of playing card decks, then add them to your collection, the price is right.
    They're not going to replace my standard performing decks, nor will they be the deck I grab as I run out the door for an impromptu evening on the town.
    I might use them to jam with my best friends (also magicians) just to have a deck pattern that's different.
    They'll probably sit on my shelf for infinity. Maybe on my desk or coffee table if they're lucky. ;-)
  3. Just found out that the back design has four sort of spiraly leaves under the wings, and only one of the four is white, the other three are blue (on the blue back deck)... So it is also a one way design, which you could use to your advantage in some effects.
  4. its a nice deck.. its been out for over a year now at walmart..

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