Bicycle Prestige Cards

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by mclintock, Oct 15, 2015.

  1. (I will be posting this to both the Flourishing and Magic forums.) Okay so today I picked up a Bicycle Prestige Deck at Walmart. It was a pretty expensive (9$) but I had heard about it and wanted to grab one for myself. (I love getting different decks.) What is interesting about it is that the cards are actually plastic, but Bicycle designed them to feel like regular paper cards but have the flexibility and durability of plastic cards. It has a very strange feel to it, the texture is a bit funky and they are *very* slippery and springy, however they are in fact so slippery I cannot do a decent DL with them. (I use pinky count and push off version) I would like to know what some of people here think of these cards if they have used them.
  2. UPDATE: After using these for a while I cannot say anything about it's fans as I am not good at fans (but they do seem pretty clumpy compared to generally.) still can't do a DL (maybe they will get better after using for a while) I can actually do an almost perfect Faro which I can't do with any other deck, they practically spring themselves, Elmsley count just fine which surprised me. I will keep giving more updates as I use them for different things.

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