bicycle R-TG and Bicycle new standart

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  1. Do you know anything about the
    1. Bicycle R-TG?
    I found that a seller in ebay make a big deal out of it, and sell $18 just for a pair of reguler bicycle that has R-TG sign on the bottom tuck case
    I wonder if there's anything special about it, cos I'm kindda have about 25 decks of them...I bought with a standart bicycle reguler price tho... less than $2 ea
    here's the ebay link

    2. New Bicycle Standart (for replacing the old bicycle reguler 808)
    I also found that USPS already producing the new series of the bicycle reguler, they name it Bicycle Standart. The bad new about it is the back of the tuck case doesn't represent the back of the playing card anymore, more like a 2 playing cards display. So that the back can't be played for a hidden playing card anymore...The overall the new box is neat.

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