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Bicycle Rider Back reintroduction?

Oct 13, 2008
Hey guys, got back from the Dollar General and... well...

Ok, so I found these AWESOME Rider Back black seal cards for $2.50 each. So I used my plastic (natch) and broke them open at home. And (you're not going to believe this) the joker had COLOR in it. COLOR.

Looking back at the whole scale of things, the new Jokers were only introduced early-2011 in the "Standard" box cases which I hate so much. (Also, the seal and GJ show it came from Kentucky) Furthermore, I looked at the bottom, and the UPC was different. In the old designs, it was 73854-00808. This one? 73854-00807. And there's something else not previously noticed in the old designs. The switch in positions (barcode on the left side of bottom) is obvious, but there is a code: 807-R-TG on the bottom that was not present in old designs. In retrospect, the sides still say Cincinnati, but the combination raised a LOT of questions.

So I must ask, you think they are re-introducing the Rider back design to the cards, because of complaints that the standard box design was virtually barfing advertising to our eyes? It worked for the failed smaller pips that showed up late-2010 before the colored jokers; there was such a hue and cry not just from our kind, but also from LAYMEN that the design was so drastically changed that they were forced to change it back.

So are they back? Or is this simply a batch error and I should return to my regular existence? It would be really nice to have the original box design for it; Vanishing Deck/Inviz-Able would work so much better and in all my honest opinion the Mandolin design is just as (I'm being as polite as I can say here) misguided as the brain-draining anime they call Planet Chasers Starlight Excellent (for those here who watch CN's "Regular Show")

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Feb 9, 2010
Yeah, there are threads about it here already. Colored jokers were implemented a few months ago and I am sure they still have lots of rider backs left.

Could try contacting USPCC.
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