Bicycle Titanium's (v1 & v2)

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  1. Bicycle Titanium's are my all time favorite cards.

    My Reasoning:
    - They Feel Great, and Fan Amazingly (Air-Cushion Finish)
    - They Last Forever → 3+ Months of Extreme Usage
    - They Look Amazing → The Titanium Paint (Super Shiny & Great for the Day)

    On top of looking amazing and glistening in the sun, Bicycle Titanium's last forever. I used them on a regular basis for three straight months. After daily carry in my front jeans pocket for three months, the box started to peal apart, but just a little. I also didn't need fanning powder on the first two months. After three months of abusive use, I had used up a whole tub of fanning powder, but it was shared with 4 other decks (I open a lot of decks at once). Overall I was highly impressed with these cards, they never failed to fan (even without powder - although it was sometimes painful), and I will forever continue to use them, for they have never failed me.

    - Performance: 5/5
    - Ascetics: 4/5
    - Box: 4/5 (v1) 5/5 (v2)
    - Price: 5/5
    - Overall: 5/5 (v1 & v2)
  2. What’s the difference in V1 and V2. How can you tell them apart??
  3. The v1 has no embossing on the tuck case and the v2 has embossing.
  4. This^ is correct.

    // L
  5. Thank you very much!

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