Bicycle Tragic Royalty Playing Cards

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by baller08, Nov 4, 2008.

  1. You can get them at Walmart. They carried them for halloween. They are pretty crappy, although they do look cool in black light. Unless you are interested in picking up a deck just to have it -I say pass.
  2. Wait a second....are you trying to say that they won't be worth a fortune in the future?
  3. not really, they still are in print, but maybe in like 50 years
  4. Shchit!

    I know. I'm going to see if I can bribe WH or the Buck Twins to use these in some videos. Then, in about 100 years it's going to worth a fortune. The quality won't matter because Tragic Royalties will be part of history!!

    <Picture this....Indecent with one of these babies! Hmm? Uhh?>
  5. stop trying to spark a debate about collecters cards again baller...
  6. No Kidding, just let it go
  7. y these cards suck.
  8. They handle terribly. I'm not sure why, as they supposedly have the same finish as most other Bicycle decks. Maybe it has something to do with the ink, or the stock? I'm not sure, but it's bad.

    They look nice, though. I picked up a brick for that reason (not from ebay--rather, from Wal-Mart. Why pay shipping and handling when I can get the cards for cheaper at Wal-Mart? Heh). :)

    Oh, and I can almost guarantee they won't be worth anything for a VERY long time, due to how abundant they are (and probably will be for a very long time). :)
  9. My cousins gave me a deck of these cards, they are okay but they have a funny smell to them in my opinion (not like I go around sniffing my cards all day...).
  10. Moi? Nonsense. You speak gibberish.
  11. Blah, these cards suck. Weirdest finish ever, apart from Vodkas.

  12. LOL. Snap...

    Wipe your feet at the door bro.
  13. You have made your point Baller08, let it go - however...if these things did become rare because they were overlooked, and few were left in the world...and talented magicians took interest in them...then they would be valuable.

    Perhaps you are on to something! Good thing I bought and saved a back...for $ Wal~Mart.

    Baller08 - good to see you are starting to see cards as a source of revenue. Struggling to make a living with just the magic? Try focusing on magic - and not just the props.

  14. lol they totally smell funny. weird.
  15. Agreed. They do have a funky lil' smell.

  16. That's what I've been saying. Glad you've realized you shouldn't focus on the "BLING". You've really grown so're welcome.

    As for the financial side of got ripped off. They sell for $2.89 at Target. Once thanks necessary!
  17. Guys, this is getting ridiculous. Enough with the sarcasm and the jabs.
  18. Baller08 - I guess it was cheaper to buy them in Canada...then drive to a Targer in the US - with the price and gas and see gas is expensive because it is becoming rare...and the status of it is what drives the market (percieved market value) - like when "evil doers" were hoarding the drove the price up...hurricane...price goes up. This is market value...when something becomes more valuable because of supply and demand...NOT just based off the value of the actual item.

    Crazy how the world works Baller?

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