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Biddle trick reveal with blank suggestion

Oct 2, 2008
Okay, so i had a thought of another variation of the Biddle trick, mainly with revealing the card packet. Before when i used to reveal, i used to do some kinda "im going to throw your card back into the deck" with a bending motion like a bow and arrow. Then i thought about letting everything happen in the frame of the spectator's hands, so i decided to play around with dropping the packet face up, afterwards saying something like "your card falls through". When they spread they see it "did". But most of the times specs cant handle cards without a table, and they just destory the whole thing.

So i thought. I wanted to use a blank card when it came to revealing the card they chose. What would happen is, the 5 card packet would be in their hand, they focus on "forgetting" their card, and then when they spread, one card is blank. Which is their card. I wanted to try out a different reaction, requires limited handling of cards, in their hands, and a one v one kinda thing. So this gaffed version would work best if i was performing specifically for one person.

But i need help, with the part telling them to "forget" their card. It could be powerful, because i thought, if they do manage to pretend to forget their card, lapse it, erase it out of their minds, take a fragment out and plant it elsewhere, when they reveal, they still see five cards, but one blanked out, which could further empower the aspect of forgetting, which could (if im lucky) making them really forget their card. Just wanted to try and play with people's mind, inspired by Dan and Dave's Deja Vu performance. I cant tell them to jus forget their card, i performed it for a kid, surrounded, using a ghost deck, and the dude made a facial expression of seriously trying to focus on forgetting the card, squinting eyes and trying to block out all noises and stuff, in the end it never worked because he didnt know how to forget the card. Jus telling somebody to forget the card seemed shallow. My friend suggested they erase it from the mind completely with something else. Maybe music, maybe experiences, or jus a total block out. Just need more suggestions if you can suggest any.

[So yeah. Blanks are cool. One time my friend performed a trick we call "Keepin it real" with three gaffs, invovling a double "mont ka" in the end, which involved a blank card. He had shaky hands, i saw all his moves, but i didnt see a double finisher comming. Was in my hands too.]

Help please kind ones?
Mar 30, 2008
The concept is pretty good. I would say, "Forget your card, or even better, block it out with a blank card. Then there is no way you could remember your card." And now I have another idea, you have a piece of paper with a card written on it. Force them that card, then do the biddle trick. You pull the piece of paper off the bottom or it is already in your hand while you pull the cards off of the deck with your thumb. Continue with your usual routine, but with the piece of paper on bottom of the packet. Turn the packet over while hiding the piece of paper. Do an Elmsley count to show 5 cards. Then cut the cards so the paper is in the middle of the cards. While you hand them the packet of cards, face-down, tell them to forget their card. After they make some weird facial expressions, ask them to look for their card. When they find the piece of paper, say you have decided to jog their memory by putting a piece of paper in the packet in place of their card. Show them the deck with the card in it and the spectators should go WILD!
Aug 24, 2008
To begin, it is a great idea.
And the idea of them forgetting the card is also cool. The best handling with these psychological subtleties ( cant spell the word properly) is described in a derren brown book, in which using subliminal suggestion u make them to forget their me for more details.

Another good idea is to do sth like "dissapearence by jay sankey". here's the way i would do it have 2 identical slips of paper.Write a card on one of them,fold both in half the same way and write the word prediction on both of these and place them on two different pockets.
performance:force the card , bring it to the correct prediction for biddle count. hand them the deck(luckily they wont shuffle if you bring attention to the prediction) as both hands go into your pockets. Show the prediction slip of paper and take the other one into finger palm.reveal the prediction,folded the same way and switch it for the empty one.take the deck from the spectator and give him/her the prediction(again if you call attention to the deck they will not open the paper).do a biddle count . place the 5 card packet on their hand and get rid of the deck.they are now holding on one hand the prediction and the packet on theother.tell them to concetrate and then reveal the empty slip of paper and then the blank card .DONE

another way is to do the biddle count first .hand them the 5 card packet with the blank card then show the prediction and bur it afterwards instead of switching it .reveal.
hope i helped
Sep 4, 2007
But i need help, with the part telling them to "forget" their card.

The best suggestion I can give you is to study and practice 'anchoring.'

Anchoring is a technique that is simple and effective wherein you are able to subliminally cause a person to have a feeling, reaction, thought or idea simply by touching them.

For example, Derren Brown has done an effect where he caused a person to erase the color red (I belive it was red) and see it as yellow instead. He openly did this with anchoring (although Brown is known for using red herrings and hidden methods it would theoretically still work) by first directly suggesting she forget the color red while touching her on the shoulder.

Thus, whenever he says "Forget the color red" he touches her on the shoulder. Direct but without overly drawing attention to what he is doing.

To develop this is really just trial and error. You have to make sure you make eye contact, speak clearly and directly and touch them on the shoulder at the exact moment you say you want them to forget the card.

It might sound like this:

"I want you to (touch shoulder) completely forget your card. Erase it from your mind completely (gesture in a waving motion in front of their eyes.) I want you to form the image of a big white card in your mind, except that the card is completely blank. You completely (touch the shoulder again) forget the card you just picked. It's now gone (snap your fingers up within their line of vision - right by your own face if that makes sense, because you need to be making eye contact with them. When you snap they should blink, but not blink hard as in shock.)

That's a basic overview anyway. It is something that will take practice and you will fail. However, as you do it more and more you may notice......people will genuinly forget their card.

Good luck and let me know if I need to explain anything differently.

Oct 31, 2007
I love the idea of having them forget the card and then it not being there. I also think the blank card is an awesome addition. If you get it worked out, let me know how it went. That sounds like a great idea and something I would perform as well.

Oct 2, 2008
Swear my keyboard buttons have frickin dried rice grains under it. Anyhow. Thanks for the comments, T11 is a great place. Let me share with you how i intially practice doing this:

I would have the blank at the bottom already, during the whole thing i dont flash the bottom. So thats the set up.

Before i start, i get them hooked. I found myself being looked down upon when performing magic, like many topics on the Ellusionist forums i've read, style comes in. And i've been thinking of moving away from being all magicial, most spectators i perform for are real time busy, down to earth, logical people; who dont accept (like d+M said on his video) people telling them cards jump to the top, with the wave of my hand look what happens, they want logical stuff. This biddle trick variation is a great way to express my structure of performing. Good to share it with you. I know for a fact that the clothes i wear, the person i am, whether to myself or how i seem to others, i no way look like a person who creates magical moments by clikcing my fingers, or doing magical gestures. So i thought how about i take them inside my mind, like Yugioh, if anyone remembers Yugi and his other ego, in some episodes you are taken into the inner realm. Like planting a dream: mind of my mind.

With this variation i wanted to focus on attention of the spectators, take them to another realm of experience, which is their own head and not my hands. Tell them its a mind game. Ask if they wanna try it out. Have them choose a card, bluff pass control to second. make a joke saying i got it right where i want it, take off top card, show to them without seeing it. Its not their card. Tell them what i perform isnt supernatural, im not a wizard. I have faults and too fail sometimes, ask for help. Ask them to name their fav number under 10. Huge chance they dont hit 5, if they go too high or low, i will tell them their number is far from my number, as im the performer after all (lol). Five cards get taken off and turned face up like how you do the trick normally. Then i talk a lil about giving them a chance to see if they can spot their card, going slowly through each card, if they do engrave it in the mind. While the talk happens, i turn the bottom card over. Retain pinky under bottom card (blank)

Transfer pinky break over to my right hand as a thumb break, and go through the cards. First card goes down. As the left goes to grab the second i load the blank at the same time grabbing the second (which is their card btw), retain break under this card as i need to steal it when i go for the third card. After the third, all is good.

After all five has been counted, im left with their card face up at the bottom of the deck in my right hand (got stolen there) while in my left is still five cards, not four. One card is blank, so basically i switched the blank which was intially at the bottom of the deck with their card, which is now at bottom. Ask them if they saw their card, if so, i hand them the five card packet, face down. Tell them to spark the thought of their card once more. This is where the problems come:

1) i could tell them to pretend to forget the card, but that failed with the kid i tried it on, he made everything funny i swear.
2) I could tell them to totally block it, force it out of their minds.
3) My friend suggested have the packet face up, not facedown and focus on the first card (the blank will be under the first), as they focus tell them to believe that is infact the card they chose, and not what they chose earlier on instead.
4) Tell them to backtrack before to before they chose their card, before i even perform i would show them my entire deck, "all cards are different, did you know Spades are made from spoons..." etc, have them remember the moment when they saw all the cards go past their eyes, I would have to have the blank in my pocket for this part as i cant show them. When im ready i would cop it back to the bottom. Once they backtrack, tell them to think of all the cards they saw, to release the grasp/notion of their chosen card back to the whole entire deck instead.

Anyhow, reveal. Goes wild. Thank them for playing. Insert more coins. So how bout it guys? Watchu think?

Btw U. Entro, thanks for that. I will go snap my fingers through Justice. Of course you was of help.
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Sep 1, 2007
Interesting thought.

What you could do here is shift the focus from them "forgetting" the card to you trying to read their mind to discover what the card is. After a while of "trying" you give up and say "no...its no good...I'm drawing a blank."

Spread the cards to show one blank in the middle and then reveal that their selection isn't one of the remaining cards.

In fact, if you wanted to get really interesting you could do the standard biddle trick using a blank BACKER as one of the four indifferent cards (the blank back would be hidden during the count/steal section) and use this card for the "blank phase" with the additional advantage of then being able to make the blank vanish when you show the FACES of the cards so you are left with only four cards as per the standard routine. Spread the deck to show the selection in the middle.

You would have to experiment with false counts and displays to hide the blank backer but the standard techniques of elmsley counts, olram subtleties etc. should do the trick.
Oct 2, 2008
A day ago i went to perform this, and, i used the handling i described above. I didnt get caught at all, though at first, when practicing it was a bit knacky, and felt uncomfortable, i gave it a try.

When the normal biddle steal is done, we would normally count the cards, while we steal, but my friend suggested to me, because this time its a load AND steal, its dangerous to do that; so he told me to NAME the cards instead. I performed it twice, and the reactions were madness. One of the spectators i performed to wasnt too keen on all that "forgetting", he didnt think it would work because "a card is a card, has nothing to do with me", but when he spread and saw the blank, he snapped.

"Where'd it go!?"
"I see. You did it."

Ego change looks beautiful when done on a blank card. I swear.
May 13, 2008
St Albans, UK
The only problem when making someone forget their how will they know that the only face up card in the deck is indeed their card? If they've forgotten it. You'd have to make sure other people saw the card and can verify. Although this is more for those actually suggesting the psychological pathway to this effect rather than the theatrical/presentational aspect. Luke Jermay uses a trick where the spec actually forgets a card on his Skullduggery DVD if anyones interested.

While we're on the Biddle Trick, my version involves two specs and one holds the deck while the other holds the "five" cards. I then suggest the spectator with the 5 cards can subconsciously read the other person's mind and make that card disappear. Blablabla...its gone, oh my god, how the eff...and so on. Depends on the situation though, i might be in a more comedic mood and just do a more conventional handling.
Oct 2, 2008
Luke Jermay uses a trick where the spec actually forgets a card on his Skullduggery DVD if anyones interested.

I was thinking of using that as an opener then goin onto the blank biddle variation. Maybe that will aid the "forgetting" process.

There was one time when i thought about doing this effect presenting everything as pure coincidence - i wont explain why i use five cards, i dont explain why the their card within the five returns to the deck; everything seems spontaneous.
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