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  1. Well after u display the 5 cards and do the Biddle S****, what do you say or do before they realize that their card has vanished
  2. I usually place them in between the spectator's hands and tell them if they feel "Heat" than I carry on with the routine.
  3. Well usually before performing this trick, I perform Wayne Houchin's invisible palm routine. I show them that if you take a card, and make it invisible, you can even get it into the deck without touching it. Then I tell them, when they check the top, that sometimes it goes a bit too far down.
  4. I explain what misdirection is, briefly, during the f***e counting of the cards. Then I proceed to explain how it is I'm doing it because they THINK I have a certain ammount of cards when I don't (in a way exposing the actual f***e count), but they never realize how I got it out of there because they DID see their card and then they never remember I ever came in contact with the other 47 it still amazes them. More than the patter I used before.
  5. one question,..."let`s see if your card is in the top 5 cards"..why should this be after shuffling the cards?..accidentaly?
    Thats the only part in this trick I dont like!
  6. We'll see if yer card is in this half (hand the other to the spectator)...scratch that. Let's make it these 5 instead. If it isn't amongst them, we'll take the next 5 and so on.
  7. Why five at a time? It's quicker to show the whole deck.

    (I know why you have to take five cards, but I'm asking you to think about your magic. Magic that has no plot, unnecessary moves, or unjustifiable moves - 'fluff' is crap magic.)
  8. i usually cut 1/3 of the deck, which has the 5 cards including their selection to the bottom holding a brake. Then i say i'm going to find their card and i cut small packets till i get to the brake
  9. When I use to perform the Biddle Trick I would talk about estimation and muscle memory. I would then demonstrate this ability by doing a pass false cut. Being only off by a card or two I get a decent reaction. Then I would step it up a notch by doing the effect as normal.
  10. You tell me. Interesting to see what you can come up with. I have two or three ideas. D ICE R posted a nice one. What else is there?

    Why is there heat?

    I'm not just being a tool here, but chris I'm sure you have the creativity to answer your own question, and magicman I'm interested in what the premise is.
  11. Thanks prae, you are allowed to use it if you want. (I know how much you love the effect :p)

    One thing that I forgot to mention is I would causally turn over a few cards and say lets see how I did.
  12. I like the questions, praetoritevong. Have an idea that could work...but I still need to get rid of at least half the deck.
  13. Subtle misdirection and subtle subliminal suggestion is your friend. Learn it and love it. The biddle trick is designed very well and needs very little tweaking, if any, to be amazing, but ONLY, if you know how to control the fine parts of the sequence.

    If you are having trouble justifying handing out 1 half of the deck, then the rest, it is most likely not a matter of patter, but a matter of your psychological control over your audience. You do not need specific patter to tell people that something is justified or natural, you need to just find away that they will not even think of the division of the deck as having any relevenence to the way the trick is accomplished. You can do this with body language, and you can do this with the way you are using your surroundings (ie. a table, chair, spectators hands.) Also, if you are using the biddle trick in the mdidle of a logner routine, you will have to set up the appropriate atomsophere that will allow you to get justify your actions later on. etc...

    I would suggest, work with the original biddle trick, and the exact same patter, but focus on your timing, handling, and when you speak. If you can do this, handing one half to the spectators to hold, then the other half, then making the card disappear becomse irrelevant, and I guarantee no one will think twice about anything other than HTF you made their card appear in their hands.
  14. Hahahaha!

    Touché. :p
  15. Depends on the caracter that I am using...
  16. I don't do the biddle trick, it's a good effect, just not my cup of tea.

    But I have practiced it and use to perform it somewhat, and when you're handing out half of the deck to count the cards it should be so casual that nobody even questions it.

    It should be apparent that you need two hands to count the cards in this matter, don't let them think on this, just be like 'hold this for a second...' 'can you hold the deck between both hands.' not 'take the other half' just hand them the second half and call it the deck. They will remember you taking 5 cards and handing out a deck, nothing more or less.
    If they think otherwise, re-work your presentation.

    As for when I did it, I used either the estimation style the D ICE R mentioned or would mess up the trick and do 'magician in distress' and be like 'don't tell me exactly, but is your card in this group of cards?' 'crap...uhhh...hold this, I think I got it, what about this group?' yes! 'awesome....' go on.

    Since I messed the trick up...and then procede to guess incorrectly twice I tell them that I will make it up by doing something impossible. Proceed to finish.

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