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  1. I love doing the Biddle's easy..simple..and effective. I would like to ask does anybody know of a method which you show the person their card out of the five cards, before it ends up in their hands and you're left with four?

  2. It really isn't necessary to do this, you count off 5 cards, their card was in those 5, if you perform it properly there should be no reason for them to suspect anything has happened.

    Although, if you really want to do this, the easiest way would be to use a duplicate, count the cards and then steal their card into a gamblers cop.

    Without duplicates, you could maybe show the cards, palm off their card then take the deck off them and replace it and pass it to the centre.

    As I said, this really isn't necessary, in all the times i've performed the biddle trick there's been no suspicion at all.
  3. I think this method is explained on Oz Pearlman´s dvd: Born to perform...:confused:
  4. That's already part of the trick. You count five cards into your hand, and they see all five faces, then you turn them over and count the five cards again face down. You don't need to overprove it by counting them a third time. It's unnecessary.
  5. As said. Though if you really found this necessary, dupe and/or palm is the way to go. Or use the 'gimmick' in 5speed. Though these really take away from the whole impromptu/clean aspect of the biddle trick; one of the reasons it's such an awesome trick.
  6. He means showing the face of the five cards right before there is 4. Oz just has a different way of getting the 5 cards.

  7. I just pretend, Iv done it so iv forced the card on them, then when i show the 5 cards I peek and say IS your card the 5 of hearts ? They replay "YEAH" so then i say " okay il just put this on the bottom. I wave the packet and build the trick up and 5 cards turns into 4 i show them the cards and there card is missing.
  8. Lately I've been miscalling the card. Pick up a random card from the packet, look at it and say "is it the 9 of diamonds?" They say yes and you turn it over to show that it's different. I've been using that lately, but I find it unneccessary as they don't react any differently.
  9. Biddle trick is fun
  10. My approach

    Here is what I've been doing that I feel has been getting pretty good reactions.

    Go through the trick and after you've counted the "five" face down cards you annouce that just by looking at the cards you should be able to tell if it is their chosen card. ...flip over it...nope, lets see the next, i don't think so...flip over the next one....nope i don't think its that one....I flip over the last card in my hand then look around like something went wrong...omg...where did that last card go?!?! People get pretty freaked out by that. Then carefully taking the deck from their hands I spread and they see one upside down card.....could it be????? YES IT IS THEIR CARD.......the secret is........magic....shhh.

    Its all about the sell. You have to entertain. Do what works for you, how can YOU have fun with this trick. :)
  11. I have experimented a lot with this trick, and was wondering, does anyone have any other reveals besides face up in the deck they would like to share.
  12. I found a method for showing all 5 cards face up then vanishing the chosen card fairly without having to cop anything or whatever. The thing is, it uses a gimmicked card, which I then have to carry on me all the time I want to perform the trick. In addition to that the point where you remove the 5 cards becomes a little more complicated. And really, it's only good for making magicians do a double take, to a layman it makes no difference, so I've stopped performing this now since the alternative is just as good and easier.

    As for making the card appear elsewhere, I don't really see the point, since face up in the middle of the deck they are holding is not only the easiest solution, but also one of the most impossible locations as far as the spectators are concerned.

  13. I agree
  14. I do not really think that showing all five cards just before is necessary, unless you are performing to magicians or something. I liked Ep1c.1ce's patter though. I may have to try that out...

  15. I have a version that's exactly like that except it uses no gimmicks, and the card can be signed. I haven't used it yet, but I will.
  16. I came up with a face-up Biddle effect... I think it was almost a year ago. I had a video on YouTube, but it's down now. Shodan helped me a lot refining it- I wish he was still here. :(

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