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  1. hey guys
    i was wondering if you guys can tell me what would be a good buy from here. these are my choices
    Methods in Magic by Joshua Jay...i dont know if i would get this bc the tricks taught are some i already know, but it sounds good

    Casanova hesitating bc i feel that this concept will be a dissapointment

    Connected...This one sounds so good, im afraid that there might be a lot of pre work on your spectator like planting the card in their wallet

    and the card thru window, i feel that this is good but there might be better ones out there

    here is the website

  2. I would recommend anything by Joshua Jay, this DVD is basically his old lecture, which is phenominal. Also, if you wait a little, you can get their John Bannon DVD that they're going to release in the near future.

  3. your right, peter harrison's torn and restored card effect has a lot of prestage work if you perform it exactly as he explains, but u can always use your wallet or shoe then it takes seconds of set up or if you're sly make up a routine to do the set up during the performance. but overall i wouldnt recommend it as Harrison says himself it only works when it your in specific situations, but in those situations it hits pretty hard.
  4. I can vouch for the concept behind Casanova Concept - it really is a brilliant concept with a lot of applications. What you make of it is up to you.
  5. If your on the BigBlindMedia mail list, you will have had an e-mail off them telling you about there Bank Holiday Super Sale. It's well worth your time looking at, Joshua Jay's "Methods In Magic" DVD is going for £9.99/$15.00, Casanova Concept DVD is going for £8.00/$15.00, Cameron's Omega Mutation 3XDVD Set is going for £19.99/$40.00, Rehab £7.50/$12.50, & there's alot more. The offer ends Midnight on Monday 31 August, I'm picking up Cameron's Omega Mutation DVD Set that I've had my eyes on at this price.
  6. I think you should define prestage work. As for doing it in specific situations, I don't remember actually saying that. What I may have said is that there are a few specific situations where I wouldn't perform it.

    BBM have a lot of good products. I would recommend The Cullfather and also Iain Moran's DVD.
  7. Although I've never used it, Connected is brilliant. I got mine free at the session one year which was nice. How you get it in the wallet is briiliant and is done on the off beat of something else that is taught on the DVD.

    Dave Forrests CTW is meant to be the best ever CTW, but I've heard that the set up is immense.

    I saw The Joshua Jay Lecture they where filming Live, and I must say even though the methology is good, I think the tricks are awful and unuseable.

    The casanova concept is on my wish list, but it does say on the website that do perform the version with a wallet, you need a 'special' wallet to load it.

    Hope this helps,


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