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  1. Last night, I had the biggest show of my career thus far. It was a corporate gig for a company at a super high class hotel in downtown. Needless to say, I showed up in a suit and tie. Over 500 people had RSVP'd and were there. When I arrived, I notified the DJ who gave me an introduction, and I was on the dance floor, center of attention for about 15 minutes in front of all these people. Best. Feeling. In. The. World. Period.

    I performed Five Card Opener, and followed with Celebrity Smart-ass. I then told everyone I would be walking around and to feel free to flag me down if they wanted to see magic.

    I started making my rounds performing. Things were going alright. Another member here has a post going about his recent gig, the music was super loud and his Invisible Deck was off, he had mentioned. I had similar problems. Music was loud, and talking was actually screaming. My ID was fine, and I performed it a few times, then realized it was a lost cause and stopped. Reactions were mediocre because they didn't understand what was going on because they couldn't really hear me over the music.

    I had two highlights/favorite moments of the night.

    First, I'll say this - I think hecklers are hilarious. I don't let them get to me. I laugh at them (not to their faces of course). When one arises, I'll assess the situation then and make appropriate measures. I had one hilarious heckler. It was an old European man, and babysitting him was a middle aged guy. I say "babysitting" because this Euro guy was HAMMERED drunk.

    The younger guy wanted to see magic. I barely got through one trick because the Euro guy was being a jerk. He was PISSED at me for doing magic, threatening me with the beating of a lifetime and saying if I don't stop he will have me arrested and thrown out. He was in my face and I thought it was about to go down! Anyhow, I kept composure, just said okay, finished the trick for the other gentleman and started to walk away. The younger guy enjoyed the magic and ended up tipping me $20

    Funniest thing about this is that the Euro guy was a big wig - practically the owner of the entire company.

    The second highlight was when a guy asked if I just did card and coin tricks. I told him that I can generally do magic with just about anything. He slid me a decorative box of ornaments and said "Do something with that.."

    I then proceeded with the brain melting. I grabbed a green ornament and banged it on the table. I said "I wonder how hard it is to break these?" I clenched it in my fist and SQUEEZED. The ornament was gone. Completely - both hands were empty. I let that sink in and slid the box of ornaments in front of him and said "It was green, right?" I waved my empty hand over the box and the ornament reappeared back in its original location, leaving this man completely floored.

    Overall I had a great time and realized one thing - I love being on stage in front of a ton of people entertaining them!
  2. Congrats on a wonderful show! It really sounds like you knocked 'em dead!
  3. Awesome R.K. Loved reading this first thing this morning. That's great you could do something with the ornament "on the fly" so to speak.
  4. Sounds awesome. Glad it went well. And I think the trait of a true magician is being able to do something on the fly like you did. Very nice!
  5. Great job! Congrats on your performance. You fried my brain with than ornament thing haha. Sounds like you had a great time!
  6. Congratulations, sounds like it went really well :) If I might ask, what sort of things did you do walk-around?
  7. I have a card routine that I do, as well as prism. I keep an invisible deck on me and bro gilberts deep 3. I do coins across, coins to glass, one coin routine, things like that with my half dollars. I also have business cards on me and a sharpie to do other tricks here and there using signed cards (none of my main routines use signed cards)
  8. So you carry 4 decks on you when you go out? That's a lot of pocket space to keep up with.
  9. It depends largely on what I'm wearing. For this event, I was in a suit and tie, so it was easy. Inside two breast pockets held the ID and deep 3 as well as a sharpie. Outer breast pocket held business cards. Front right pants pocket is my phone, back right is my wallet (which contains a few tricks). Front left pants pocket was coins, back left is jumbo coin. My keys are clipped to my belt loop. Outer jacket pockets held regular deck and prism.
  10. Congrats man sound like it went very well. I always enjoying reading good performance/gig stories. Hope to hear more from you soon.

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