Birthday Party Magic routining HELP!

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  1. Hello guys on Saturday I have a 6 year olds birthday party that I will be doing a show for, now I have done many kids shows like this and have a routine I do but I wanted to let you guys see my tricks and see what order you would do them
    Just out of curiosity and maybe help me change it up alil bit
    I will be doing a 45 mins show
    My tricks I do in no order are:
    Arm twist(sometimes)
    Vanishing coke Bottle
    Professors nightmare
    Misers dream
    Hippity hop rabbits
    20th century's silks
    Hat Tear
    Metamorpho can (rarely)

    Jumbo wand
    Break away wand

    Just wondering how you would routine these. Thanks!
  2. How many shows have you done? 45 minutes seems too long for a kids show from what I hear (I don't do kids shows myself). It would help to have a starting point of what you are already doing. What order do you perform these in currently? Do you have any sort of theme that ties things together that you use already? Given that the show is this weekend, I wouldn't change too much for this show, but I'm sure as the community we can help give some more ideas!
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