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  1. my birthday is coming up really soon and i have no idea wat to get. I do mainly cards and otherwise dont have many tricks but i like really strong effects/ gimmicks such as tarantula and exile etc. , but i also like doing difficult and fun card sleights like swe shift clipshift and learning all these different sleights. so what should i get dangerous, tarantula, ray kosby impossible magic, i just need some ideas and dont say its ur personally preference just say something and ill look into it
  2. I'd recommend expanding your repertoire, maybe ropes (Fiber Optics by Richard Sanders is a good DVD) or maybe Sponge (Sponge by Jay Noblezada is great). But that's just what I think.
  3. actually i dont really want rope or sponge magic id lick to stick with really strong effects that are close up or really impossible sleights
  4. But ropes and sponges are strong. :]
  5. i know but i already have books on them sorry forgot to mention plus i would like something like factory sealed and stuff im just wondering what is a really strong effect
  6. He doesnt want sponge or rope magic.
    He wants more real,gritty kind of magic,it seems.
    If thats what you want,look into sean fields.
  7. If I were you, I would ask for some decks, then I would practice again the material I already have.
  8. yes thats wat i mean thx anyone else know something
  9. Off the top of my head:

    - material from Daniel Madison
    - True Astonishments
    - Art of Astonishment set by Paul Harris
    - Sean Fields
    - something from Jay Sankey
  10. yea but do u know wat dvd from art of astonishment i should get bcuz my parents wont get that so
  11. Since you said your a card guy. I would recommend "expert card technique" by Huggard and Braue. Every card guy needs this book. Everything and anything you could want to learn is in there.
  12. You might like this.

    Look at the DVD kaleidoscope by jay sankey. It came out recently and i think it has magic that you might like. If you don't like it, search around, Jay has alot of amazing products.
  13. I'll chime in to say that Kaleidoscope is the best Sankey product I own. I'll be using at least half the effects thought on here, very good.
  14. Well I really recommend Pressure sold here at Theory 11. Dangerous is really good however I play with disc 2 a lot more than disc 1. The flourishes are just my style. Also, If you want effects that are really visual I recommend Distortion (also sold here) and Panic by Aaron Fisher which sadly was discontinued at Theory 11, however, it is sold from other places like Penguin Magic.

  15. Distortion is great but it does not last forever. If you want to buy anything from theory11 Witness is the way to go.
  16. Buy Bill Malone - Marlo Meet Malone DVDs... :)
  17. *sigh*

    I would recommend buying some older effects that are 100% slights. This marketing "magic boom" has everyone thinking the older effects don't do as well as these new gimmicked ones that are supposedly so awesome. Want some good material? Go to your local magic store and buy a good magic book or check out some of the 1-on-1's. Just please don't spend the money on these 1-hit wonder tricks these sites sell. Gimmicks don't last forever, however sleights are always with you.
  18. Magic and gimmicks have always been together. What are you on about?
    If he wants to do real magic and not just card tricks,he should use whatever is neccesary. Dont throw in that purist stuff
  19. A subscription to Genii Magazine. $54.00 for a year. (12 magazines)
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    I am just suggesting spending it on something better than this one hit wonder magic that all these sites sell. Nothing purist about what I am saying, maybe I am in the wrong for guessing he is new to magic, but he said "I do mainly cards and otherwise don't have many tricks but i like really strong effects/ gimmicks such as tarantula and exile etc."

    I am just trying to make the point that these "strong effects" don't need to be the new stuff that everyone is using. But be more original and don't fall for this "visual is everything" mentality that magicians have.

    It's odd how when I mention checking some older stuff out because this new stuff is just 1 hit wonder effects that hardly last, then I get called a purist. But nobody is pointing out this "visual is everything" idea that you and many others eat out of E and T11's hands. And if you don't like what I am saying then F*** off and let the OP decide what sounds better, but don't take shots without a good reason to.

    I think your reply is a troll though seriously so spout your stupidity somewhere else. And PLEASE do not degrade science how you do in your signature, it's the most idiotic thing I have seen all day, by far.

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