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  1. I had the honor of receiving a free copy of Bison months ago from my good friend branden. And yes,im very late on this review.

    THE DESCRIPTION: The performer borrows a coin from the spectator(s) and displays it at his finger tips cleanly.Applying pressure to the coin,both hands visually bend the coin. The newly bent coin is instantly handed back to the spectator and the performers hands are cleanly shown to be empty.

    METHOD: Extremely well thought out.Every move shows the borrowed coin clean as possible with no suspicious hand movements whatsoever. Hell,you saw the video.

    Teaching:If you can read at higher than a 5th grade level,you should be good.
    Usually I have to read the manuscript twice or more times over to get the actual method down,but I had this one in one reading.Words were well put together.

    Thoughts:This is a great method for switching a borrowed coin for a bent coin.
    Everything has a motivation,nothing is fishy.Ive had spectators at 3 different angles aside from directly behind me(why would they be anyway?) and directly at my sides. He teaches you a really effective way to bend a coin(I just hope your not a wuss). Of course there are more ways to make a bent coin,just use that noggin. Once again,this is incredibly visual.It looks amazing when you do it in front of a mirror.
    I dont use a number system to rate effects,I say if your interested buy it.You will not be dissapointed.
    I just hope you guys will add more drama to visually BENDING METAL than just "hey can I borrow a quarter...nothing in my hands..ok,umm..look.."
    Cause thats just terrible.

    Anymore questions PM me or post here.Whichever is preffered.
  2. BTW the hands dont actually leave the spectators sight during the entire effect. Misdirection is almost not needed.Up know.
  3. Does it come with the gimmick coin?
    Is there just one method taught?
  4. BISON is an instant download PDF, it will be emailed to you straight after payment!

    You don't receive any gimmicked coin as it's not required, Branden teaches you how to bend a coin effectively and he teaches his extremely effective routine.

    I'm known for my metal bending as far as performance goes, I don't tend to perform other people's material, but I DO perform BISON as it flows SO well.

    You won't be disappointed in the PDF, it's cheap and it's in my eyes, as well as Madisons one of the BEST choreographed coin bends there is!!

    All the best,

  5. I have my eye on this one, sounds very interesting.
  6. Branden knows I love BISON, it's a very VERY effective PK demonstration. I do a few coin bends (Mostly of my own creation), but Branden's is a workhorse effect- It's one I'll do anytime, anywhere (For those about to scream 'It's not impromptu, you need a bent coin!', I DO carry a bent coin or two everywhere so for me, it's impromptu!). It requires no difficult moves, anybody with even a shred of coin knowledge and ability will be ok with this.

    Good work B!

  7. Hey,we got the whole crew almost commenting(you and dee.haha)
    Seriously though,you dont need to study bobo extensively to get into this.
    Everything is so fluid. I almost love it as much as Freezer burn. Almost
  8. Dorian, Dee, Chris... Thanks for the kind words on BISON!

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