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  1. Hey yall, I'd like to do an effect where I bite into a kiwi fruit and then restore it. I saw an effect here with an apple a loooooong time ago but can't find it. Can anyone point me in the right direction or even a different resource where I can create this effect?

    Thank you!
  2. Ray Kosby has a different effect using an apple called "The Bite". Ray's trademark routine where he takes a bite out of a red apple and a moment later he is seen holding a green apple with the same bite missing. No switches and no sleight-of-hand used.
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  3. That's cool! I don't want to switch to a different fruit though, just bite into the fruit then restore it
  4. The effect you saw was probably chunk by dalton wayne. But, you don’t want it! Read the reviews on penguin magic.

    Tarbell Course Lesson 32 - An Eggs-Traordinary Eggs-Planation has the “principle” you that you could use.

    Since Tarbell's original corespondence course is in the public domain, it is available for free at
  5. Yes Dalton was the creator I was thinking of! Is the effect not worth doing?

    Thank you for thr link!
  6. Did you read the reviews on penguin?

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